Girls and Guise.

It’s been a while since I have written. It has been a long time since I have made the time to write. In fact, I didn’t write throughout the entire season that you COULD wear white. Don’t know what I’m referencing? Find out what you missed! (And, no. It’s not a coincidence that my boyfriend and I started dating just a little bit before my last post. What on earth would make you think that?) Anyway, among my many thoughts of “oh, I should write about that…” someone did step up to the plate! I received an email with a request to do a guest post and it came at just the write* time. Get it? ūüėČ Yes, I know I the difference between “write” and “right”. I just like puns, okay? Point being, I have a wedding to attend next weekend and haven’t even begun to figure out what I should wear. Keep reading for what Sarah Juzar thinks is the perfect solution to any occasion.

All about Cocktail Dresses

Nearly every girl has experienced the headache of deciding what to wear to a formal occasion. Even with a closet full of clothes or a store full of racks, in the moment, it seems like these the worst of times. This is where your cocktail dress comes in to save the day.

Cocktail dresses are not just for parties; they can be your best dress friend to any formal or semi-formal occasion. From office parties to wedding receptions, from date night to engagements, or to just about any social event; you can wear a cocktail dress and look fashionably on point.

When selecting cocktail dresses don’t just go on, mindlessly choosing the first catches your eye.

C H O O S E  W I S E L Y

So, you just picked a cocktail dress that looked good on the mannequin, but you are a real woman, so make sure it flatters you and your style. The dress you wear is what will helps you stand out, so look for something that highlights your best features. If you are wishing to get the attention on your upper body (neck and bust) look for necklines. Low neck, neck less, halter neck, boat neck, and off the shoulders are great ways to keep your neck in spotlight. If you have the legs of Carrie Underwood, go for dresses that are not long, but short… just a few inches above the knee works wonders. When you are planning to highlight your lower body area (waist, hips and back) your best choice would be backless dresses, wrap dresses, or dresses with ruched details around the waist. When taking your best feature to the limelight, just keep it to one part at a time. Drawing attention to all parts makes you look like too desperate for attention.

Colors are important too, but most of the cocktail dresses are worn during evening or night, so just go with what complements your skin color and accentuates everything about you.

Now let’s talk about the types of cocktail dresses that will work for as your formal dressing staples. In short, enter the cocktail dress paradise.

Keeping it simple:


There are occasions where you have to dress up but you don’t want to make it too dressy. Cocktail dresses that are simple yet elegant can be worn to these types of occasions. A dress with a decent length and silhouette is what you really what you are looking for…not too much detail or embellishments, but a solid, simple color. A minimalistic dress like this can be easily dressed up or down as per your choice. You can easily take dress like this from day to night. Wear it to work with flats and   a chic sweater, then shuck those shoes and cardigan and replace them with a statement necklace and pumps for a night you won’t forget.

Lace it up:


Lace has been a favorite among women for ages, perhaps because it has gives off a sublte charm and can always be modernized. A lace dress will be a very useful and stunning addition to your cocktail dress collection. You can look classy and sassy in a lace dress, without over doing anything. Just a lace dress with the right fit and you can forget all your formal dress woes. To accent the dress choice, don a statement necklace, watch, pair of strap heels and a glamorous clutch and that should do the trick. Just don’t forget to put on a smile after you are done pouting with your red lipstick.

Turn Up the shine:


When you feel like transforming yourself into a glamour queen, you need sequins and a lot of shine in your party dress. Sequins are a way to shine and get all eyes on you without even trying. A striking dress with sequins and sparkle will save this day for you. A dress that is itself too attention grabbing should be accessorized and dressed carefully. You go a little overboard with the accessories and you’ll end up looking like a Christmas tree. Just keep the accessories simple and delicate, wear your right heels, keep your hair simple and you’re ready to twinkle the night away.

Cut out to the cocktail:


If you feel like showing a sliver of skin while managing to stay sophisticated and charming, then a cut out dress is a match made in heaven for you. You can effortlessly draw attention to where you want and look glam. For a dress like this, you can wear your accessories simple and your hair pretty with a loose braided bun and you’re ready to go.

There are still a myriad of options available for cocktail dresses, just keep your eyes (and mind) open for them. You can always dress them up or down based on your own style intuitions! just don’t get too crazy.

Sarah Juzar is a content writer for Sophie & Trey, an online clothing store for women. Offering a large variety of dresses, shoes, jewelry and other women’s accessories. Like them on Facebook to stay updated with their latest deals and sales.


Hey girl, tell me what yo name, er I mean Monogram is…

If you haven’t noticed, monograms are one of the key trends right now. They can be seen on backpacks, hats, even gold necklaces.
Remember in the early 2000’s when¬† your initial was the “in” thing? Well, this has slowly come to replace it.

Honestly, I believe monogramming is classy and has always been popular among southern belles and sorority girls; it is just experiencing an explosion of popularity.

You can even monogram your Longchamp!

When I worked the Dallas Fashion Market in August, you could find monogrammed jewelry all over cash and carry floor. I might of indulged…

While mine isn’t real gold like this one, the fact that I only paid $4.75 makes up for it.

If you don’t have your own¬†monogramming¬†or¬†embroiderering¬†(I wish I did) Marly Lilly is one of the best sites to get your initials on your clothing.

They offer coozies, iPhone cases, sunhats, and even Nike shorts.

You can even stitch them yourself if you are feeling crafty! These are one of the products I offer for Southern Elle.

Monograms have also been commonly used at Weddings, but now it’s over the top. And guess what? I. Like. It.

One of my favorite finds are monogrammed mason jar glasses. My mom said I should wait until I get married until I buy them.¬†I said, well…it doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon.

Whether you’re a new-comer to the trend, or rocking your mother’s vintage monogrammed Izod sweater, wear your name with pride. Confidence never goes out of style.

The Politics of Fashion.

If you hadn’t noticed, the presidential election is going on.

Silly me, how could you not notice?

The RNC and the DNC are the only things TV channels can talk about and I bet your facebook friends are posting like crazy people  about their opinions and how you should feel the same exact way.

I have my beliefs, but I don’t go posting a bunch of single minded rudeness. Even when there was the Chickfila fiasco, I didn’t post a hate statuses to stir up feisty comments. (Though yes,I support Chickfila in every way. Our country is founded on principles that were made because of persecution. Stating that a man and a woman is the true definition of marriage isn’t hating on GLBT. Chickfila is a Christian based company that is even closed on Sundays. Did you think they were going to contradict the Bible in order to please everyone? I digress…)¬†Why can’t we all just love each other?

I’m a member of Baylor College Republicans and don’t really agree with everything Obama has done; however, I do respect the man. But, that’s a Biblical command.

1 Peter 2:13-14, 17 says ¬†“Be subject for the Lord‚Äôs sake to every human institution, whether it be to the emperor as supreme, or to governors as sent by him to punish those who do evil and praise those who do good‚ĶHonor everyone. Love the Brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the Emperor.‚ÄĚ

Peter is saying that by honoring the government officials, we honor God. Here’s a really good article I stumbled upon that shows you the importance of honoring Obama even if you disagree completely. ¬†All I can say is that he is a dynamite speaker and his wife has a wonderful wardrobe…which leads me to my next point.


If you have tuned into the RNC and DNC, then you know what the FLOTUS and Ann wore to their respective conventions.

Last week in Florida, Ann Romney sported a traditional and classy Oscar de le Renta red dress from his pre-fall 2012 collection.

This ensemble was safe and sophisticated…definitely FLOTUS material.

This week,  Michelle Obama showed up in North Carolina sporting a dress made by Tracy Reese coupled with J. Crew heels.

No matter if you’re Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Anarchist, you have to agree that she looked stunning. This custom made dress was chosen because she hoped to relate more to the American women, as Reese’s garments retail around $350. She is known for her love of J. Crew, so it came as no surprise that she donned their suede heels. The thing that most people were gushing over most was not either of the above statement pieces. People have been ravishing over her fingernail polish. Yes, you read that correctly: fingernail polish!! It was a blue-greige tint applied through the ever popular gel manicure. The brand is¬†Artistic Colour Gloss Soak Off Color Gel in ‚ÄúVogue” ¬†If you can’t afford that type of manicure, then give these a try¬†OPI I Don‚Äôt Give A Rotterdam or¬†Essie Boxer Shorts for a cheaper yet chic look. Don’t like these colors, but still love Obama? His campaign is selling nail polish… think I’m kidding? ¬†Think again.

essie Nail Color Yogaga Collection.Opens in a new windowThough Michelle’s outfit is getting a lot of buzz, I’m not sure if it was DNC worthy. I’m a bit of a traditionalist, so though I like it, I wouldn’t have worn it on the night she did. For a First Lady who gets criticized for her¬†casualness, I’m not sure I would have pushed the envelope on this special week. I mean, who wears a sweater to meet QE2? I wouldn’t… Not to mention, Oscar de la Renta has expressed hurt feelings that he doesn’t get to design for her. That’s great and all that Michelle chose to support a U.S.¬†African American designer who is somewhat affordable; I’m all for supporting designers on the brink of stardom. If Tracy Reese wasn’t already well off by selling to stores like Anthropologie, she certainly is now! I didn’t hate the outfit, just hated that it wasn’t more first lady like.

No, I’m not against trendiness for First Ladies. I’m actually jealous of Mrs. O’s J. Crew collection, though my jealousy for her does not surpass my longing for Jackie O’s closet. ¬†I’m all for modernizing, but I don’t think this should transfer over to fashion within politics. Let’s face it. Our leaders set the tone and trends for American fashion. We have already lost a sense of pride in what we wear, and at the rate we’re going, it’s only going to get worse. As the daughter of a Baptist deacon who still wears a suit and tie every Sunday, I have high standards. In a world where popular TV shows consist of Jersey Shore and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, ¬†America doesn’t need any more help on the casual scene.

p.s. Oscar de la Renta, you can make me a dress ANYDAY.

There’s something trickling down…


There are certain things that just make me smile- some call these God-Winks. I love when I see trends hit mainstream that I have seen grow from the beginning. It makes me feel like I’m in the exact field I’m supposed to be in.

So, what exactly does it mean to “trickle down” ? Basically, these trends have made their way from couture to the masses.
For example...
-neon pants: I first saw these at J. Crew last November and loved them from the get-go. I have seen them reach the mass market- they now sell them in places like American Eagle and JC Penney for 1/3 of the price they cost at J. Crew last year.
-mens statement socks: I caught on these from David Wolfe this spring and fell for the fun nature. I searched long and hard to find my dad some (and eventually did from ASOS) but now they are more available and in a wider range of colors and patterns. I just love the way a fun pair of socks peeks out from under mens trousers.
-Peplums: This blast from the past of Christian Dior’s New Look has successfully made it from couture to college kids (and others for that matter). It has been popular on dresses, skirts, and tops, but will probably start to fade out soon.
-hi-low/mullet skirts: ¬†Jason Wu wowed the crowd with this form of skirt for Spring 2012. I made one of these for myself early spring because I couldn’t find one that I liked.¬†Now, however they are available in all different fabrics and colors.
Fall is basically a month away (September 22)… Can you feel it in the air? Fat chance if you’re in Texas; the heat is still upon us.¬† Though we may not be able to feel the cool air yet, let’s look at some of the hottest trends this fall.
DENIM: If you’ve been reading my previous blog posts, you know that I’m a huge fan of denim. It goes with anything and is so classic. It’s originally a trickle up trend…Coal miners wore jeans and then the upper class wanted them too! I’m very happy this trend is being carried into the fall. (Not that I’d stop sporting it if it “went out of style”…I really just do what I want.) ¬†The up and coming trend for denim is to be faded and ripped. I personally don’t know if I will participate, mainly because I love my dark jeans so much and I already went through my distressed denim phase. Does that make me old? Oh well,¬†here are some looks off the runway.
¬† ¬†¬†¬† ¬† ¬† –ANIMAL SKINS: This spring at FGI career day, David Wolfe said that cheetah was out- if you wore it you were either a superstar or a slut. I refuse to believe that, as I love it, even enough to have J. Crew cheetah Cafe Capris.¬† He said that zebra would be in, but that’s not what I think… There’s an influx of reptile print, snake more¬†specifically. Michael Kors was one of many who participated in this trend for 2012.
¬† ¬† ¬† -AZTEC/NAVAJO: This print started popping up in stores as early as last winter and was all over the Dallas Market last week. From sweaters, to mini-skirts, this print is easy to wear. I purchased this Buffalo sweater and can’t wait to sport it this fall.
¬† ¬† ¬† –CHEVRONS: This isn’t as big as the previous two prints, but I think it will be around long enough to be considered a fad. Rachel Bilson is one of many celebs who have been seen wearing them.
DECORATIVE COLLARS: Louis Vuitton put a beautiful Peter Pan Collar necklace on the runway earlier this year and everyone else seemed to love it. ¬†The craze is beginning to become more mainstream and will probably hit its peak this winter. Kate Spade just came out with bedazzled PPC ¬†on blouses and they’re sure to be a hit. I worked at the Dallas Market last week and one of the most popular blouses had a lace collar! For those who can’t purchase the higher end garments, there are collar necklaces available at every price point. My friend Rachel bought her collar necklace last spring…it’s no wonder she’s a fashion major.
Coming soon:
MENSWEAR: This makes me oh so happy. There were some girls who came into JCP this summer for bowties…for themselves. I wanted to reach across the cash wrap and hug them. You’d know this if you read this post. I love when women done menswear in a chic manor. Urban Outfitters has some¬†manikins with bowties for girls. I’m not really sure if this will hit the masses, but the menswear influence is definitely coming.
WIDE LEGGED PANTS: no, not bell bottoms- big pants all around…kind of like long gaucho pants. These are great if you can pull them off. I’m looking for a good pair, but have yet to find some. There were quite a few pairs of these at market, which inspired me to look harder to find some! I can’t wait until these Mink Pink ones are available.
New IT color: Mint has been one of my favorite colors this season and I will definitely continue wearing it, but it’s fixing to get kicked to the curb. This fall, Oxblood- a rich, deep redish hue, is going to make a scene. Basically, Oxblood is the new mint.
GATSBY: Like it or not, movies greatly influence trends. Remember when Kate Hudson wore Uggs with mini skirts in Raising Helen? That was the beginning of the snow boot being widely popular. Sadly, The Great Gatsby release has been pushed back to the Spring, but it will¬†definitely still influence fashion; it’s trends are probably better suited for spring anyway. (pun intended) The Dallas Market theme this August was “Gatsby Goes Modern.”¬† It was amazing!
On that note, I’ll end with a quote from the The Great Gatsby:
“Can’t repeat the past?… Why of course you can!”
-F. Scott Fitzgerald
After all, fashion is really just a¬†repetition¬†of what has already been done…

It’s probably a good thing I don’t have a boyfriend because…

…he would probably break up with me for stealing his clothes.

HAH. I couldn’t help but title this post ¬†like that. It’s actually not about relationships at all.

But really.

Now I’m not referring to the “ohhh I’m your girlfriend now; let me wear you shirt to bed” type thing. I’m talking about actual garments. I have a current obsession with menswear. You can find me shopping the mens department or altering items from their section to fit my body better.

Exhibit A: I bought this American Living Chambray shirt at JC Penney’s. When I purchased it my co-workers asked who it was for. When I told them it was for me they gave me quite ¬†funny looks.

But when I wore this outfit to work they changed their minds completely.

Exhibit B: I stumbled upon this Stafford oxford shirt at JC Penney and fell in love with the green and white striped pattern, so I had to get it. Naturally.

Again, my co-workers thought I was crazy when I got it, but when I wore it to work, they all wanted one!

Exhibit C: Last fall I purchased these Oxford Shoes and my roommates told me they looked like a grandma shoe. I told them just to wait it out because soon they’d be popular. ¬†Of course when they popped up in J. Crew’s magazine, I happily rubbed it in their faces. These shoes are based off mens oxfords but are made for women. I love sporting them.

Exhibit D: It’s no secret: I love Mary-Kate and Ashley. ¬† They have a line called Olsenboye at JC Penney and I always try to shop that section. I found these combat boots and thought they’d be the perfect fit for my fall wardrobe. Of course, they’re based off combat boots worn in war, typically by men.

Those are just a few examples. I would love to find a way to wear skinny ties in a girlier way, because I would make so many to wear. I’m already experimenting with making “hair ties.” Literally.

I’m not quite sure where this obsession stemmed from. I’d like to say Coco Chanel, but who knows? ¬†One of her biggest complaints with other designers of her time was that they constricted women. She described her style very differently and it’s the way I usually feel when I sew apparel. In her own words she said:

“I make fashions women can live in, breathe in, feel comfortable in, and look young in.”

Smorgasbord of Style.

Living in Little Rock, Arkansas has been quite an adventure. I love the non-existant traffic and the trees, hills, and bodies of water¬†I pass through on my way to work. Dallas isn’t a concrete jungle¬†like NYC but in most areas trees are scarce. ¬†My only complaint would be most Arkansans inability to drive¬†at least¬†the speed limit. Growing up accustomed to Dallas traffic has¬†made it hard for me to be mad at¬†a jam¬†that adds less than 30 minutes to my ETA; However, ¬†the speed of¬†Dallas as a whole¬†has made it hard for me not to yell “REALLY?!” at Arkansan highway drivers who go less than 70 mph.
More than anything, living in Arkansas has¬†opened my eyes. Sure I’ve traveled everywhere from Asia to Central America, but I’ve never been gone for longer than two weeks. I’ve officially been gone from Texas for over a month and that is the longest I’ve ever been away. Besides the obvious absence of Whataburger (The nearest one is in Russleville) there are some other things I’ve noticed since I’ve been in Little Rock. I’m used to living in a conservative state where we say yes ma’am and no sir and drinking sweet tea by the gallon. While working at JC Penney I was asked by a fellow employee why I said “yessir” and “no sir”…I responded with “because that’s how I was raised.” Occassionally people will bring drinks for employees in the break room. One day I walked in and smiled to myself as I reached for what I thought was a gallon of sweet tea. I was wrong. It was unsweet. Who even allows that stuff to be made let alone purchased? Lifestyles are more open here than in Texas, especially at JC Penney.
Having not been in¬†Dallas I can only read about trends there. I have been doing some cool hunting though, so here’s some of the trends I’ve noticed there, here in ¬†Arkansas, and the world in general.
Stiletto Nails: These acrylics are long, pointy, and cat-like. I had never seen anyone wearing them until I came to Arkansas. But then again, I’ve been out of Texas for a while so they could be trending there too. Most will say that Beyonce, Gaga, and Rihanna started this trend, but I think it is rooted elsewhere… Remember my post on the trendiness of cats? Well MEOW. This is just another¬† reason to believe that cats are no longer just a symbol of a spinster. ¬†Another contributer to these nails is the vampire trend…Twilight, True Blood, The¬†Vampire Diares.¬†See this picture of Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows? Those sure look like Stiletto nails to me!
 Dark Shadows Star Johnny Depp
Fashion:¬†I know, I know. You’re thinking “what an ambigious thing to say.” Actually, it’s not. This year Arkansas hosted its first ever Fashion Week. Modeled after NY’s fashion week, they had shows, vendors, and parties. Since I have been in Arkansas I have realized that I took living in Dallas for granted. At home I live 20 minutes from North Park Mall and really any shopping center for that matter.¬†Even when I’m in Waco I’m two hours from shopping in Dallas and an hourish away from Austin. In Arkansas it’s a different world. (Luckily I live 10 minutes from the nearest Anthropologie and J. Crew).¬†The fashion field in America has been shrinking ever since we decided to go overseas.¬† I would love to see it grow. One of the ways we could possible do so is by increasing the hype of fashion which is exactly what Fayettville did when they hosted their first ever fashion week. The two ladies above are the co-founders of NWA’s Fashion Week.
Chacos, Toms, Nepal roll-on bracelets, EmiJay hair bands¬†: Living in my Baylor Bubble I’m sure of what is on trend there but never quite sure if it translates to the outside world. Coming to Arkansas has proved¬†some of the¬†predictions I stated in previous posts¬†correct. Chacos and Toms have definitley moved past the “trend” category and onto more of a lifestyle grouping. Lilly and Laura bracelets or Nepal roll-on bracelets are just as popular in Arkansas as they are in Texas. As far as the EmiJay hair bands, they are now mainstream. It took about a whole year for them to really catch on, but now you can buy them at Walmart for about $5 a pack¬†or higher end ones from¬†Anthropologie for $15.
Denim:¬†While jeans seem to always be in style, they are constantly changing. Stone wash, acid rinse, faded- there’s a lot of ways to wear it. Right now denim apparel is popular, not just jeans. I myself have three button down denim shirts, a denim romper and a denim¬†strapless dress; they are just great and can be worn many ways. My most recent denim¬†purchase is actually a mens shirt from JC Penney’s American Living brand. The associates thought I was crazy for buying¬†it since it¬†was a¬†mens item, but when I wore it to work they loved it.
Peplums: I look around at stores and I feel like I’m in the past and viewing “Dior’s New Look.” Peplums have made a triumphant comeback this season- both exagerated and slightly deflated. They look good on a lot of people because they accent the waist and hide what is underneath it. Recently I bought a top with a deflated peplum from Anthropolgie. It got quite a few compliments on it at work. Another plus of the peplum top is that you don’t have to worry about them coming untucked because you wear them on the outside of a skirt or pant. This trend hasn’t made it down to mainstream level yet and I’m not sure that it will.
Mullet skirts: I blogged about these on tumblr for Shoe Revolt but never really talked about them on my blog. I think they’re so fun whether in skirt or dress form. I actually made a cheetah print one and am so happy with the way it turned out.
Color: bright pants, pastel pants, neon blazers…I could go on and on. Pops of color has been trending all Spring and has carried over into Summer. About a year a go I forced myself to stop wearing so much black and brown and I’m¬†so glad I did. Splashes of color are so much fun to style and perfectly sass up an outfit.
One last thing… I finally created a website for all of the things I make and sew. Here it is!
There’s your trend and style update! Sorry for the sporadic posting – the life of an intern is not always an easy one…but that’s another story for another post ūüôā

Fashionably Smart.

My first encounter with “major discrimination” was during my orientation at Baylor- the summer before my first semester as a student began. I walked into an auditorium in the Baylor Science Building that was filled to the brim with future Baylor Bears and their proud parents. Just when I thought I’d have to stand in the back, I felt a tap on a shoulder of a rather attractive boy…he offered me the seat next to him and I gladly took it. Waiting for the presentation to start, we encountered the first of many “small talk sessions” we’d have throughout the day, and even throughout the beginning of our first semester…where are you from? where are you going to live? what’s your major? When the latter question was asked of me, I happily replied “fashion merchandising.” His response was deadly and killed the conversation, as well as my interest in him. He bluntly stated “Oh…that’s actually a major?” I promptly gave him my glare of all glares and said “No. My parents are actually just paying for me to get my M-R-S degree.” They don’t call me sassypants for nothing…

I could have spouted off and told him that my degree is one of the most hour intensive studies, but I didn’t. I didn’t have to prove myself to him, all I had to do was show that pre-med major that my careerpath of choice was not a joke. Consisting of at at least 147 hours total, my ¬†Bachelor of Science in Family Consumer Sciences is not just some la-ti-dah, blow off course. I take real classes such as textiles: the chemistry of fabrics and Financial Planning Control, which is retail math. On top of that, I will graduate with a minor in Business Administration which lands me classes such as Accounting and Finance. While my life currently consists late nights with excel spreadsheets and¬†monitoring¬†stocks of certain retail companies, I try to include some of the design aspect too.

The Mary Gibbs Jones Building: aka where I spend most of my time.

Besides classes, honor societies, and numerous things with my sorority, Tri Delta, I design and sew. While I mostly do collegiate dresses for game day, I also do everyday clothes- both which can be seen here. ¬†Condoleezza Rice came to Waco and spoke on Baylor’s campus about her new book “No Higher Honor.” One of the questions she was asked was in regard to her career path. It took failing as concert pianist for her to realize her passion. She said to find something you’re passionate about and make that your career path and you’ll never be sorry. I am fortunate enough to have found that already.

If it wasn’t enough that I found something I have great zeal about, I also am in the right place to pursue it: Baylor University.This is a recent news clip of how Baylor stays on top of the fashion trends and programs. It was also recognized in the top 20 fashion schools by following programs such as Parsons, FIT, and Pratt.¬†This past year I entered a national Tri Delta t-shirt contest and ended up winning. Thanks to my fashion illustration and principles of design class, I was able to beat out girls who sent in professionally rendered designs; I sketched and colored mine on my own. It is things like this that make me realize I am doing exactly what God wants me to be doing, exactly where He ¬†wants me to be doing them.

This was on the New York-Montreal Trip I took with Baylor Fashion.

If you need any real life evidence that fashion merchandising majors are needed, watch¬†this¬†video… It is about Gap and how it is failing as a retailer. ¬†It is said that they are failing because they brought in a CEO who wasn’t knowledgeable in the fashion industry, but one who was highly regarded…in the drug store business. While it is necessary to know how to make profits, success in the drug store business is not the same as success in the apparel industry. While Glenn Murphy might of seemed like a good fit, he is no Mickey Drexler. (The former Gap Inc. and current J. Crew Group CEO). Ryan Gosling really did mean “Be better than the Gap” in Crazy Stupid Love…hire your kind!

Thanks to Adam and Eve, people will always need clothes, and therefore, there will always be jobs in my field.

So, dear boy from freshman year (and every other person who has ridiculed my career path), while Obama may ruin your  chances of a reasonable salary because of Obamacarehis wife and everyother person in the world supports my route of business.

Who says clothing is nothing? It’s everything.