The Politics of Fashion.

If you hadn’t noticed, the presidential election is going on.

Silly me, how could you not notice?

The RNC and the DNC are the only things TV channels can talk about and I bet your facebook friends are posting like crazy people  about their opinions and how you should feel the same exact way.

I have my beliefs, but I don’t go posting a bunch of single minded rudeness. Even when there was the Chickfila fiasco, I didn’t post a hate statuses to stir up feisty comments. (Though yes,I support Chickfila in every way. Our country is founded on principles that were made because of persecution. Stating that a man and a woman is the true definition of marriage isn’t hating on GLBT. Chickfila is a Christian based company that is even closed on Sundays. Did you think they were going to contradict the Bible in order to please everyone? I digress…) Why can’t we all just love each other?

I’m a member of Baylor College Republicans and don’t really agree with everything Obama has done; however, I do respect the man. But, that’s a Biblical command.

1 Peter 2:13-14, 17 says  “Be subject for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether it be to the emperor as supreme, or to governors as sent by him to punish those who do evil and praise those who do good…Honor everyone. Love the Brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the Emperor.”

Peter is saying that by honoring the government officials, we honor God. Here’s a really good article I stumbled upon that shows you the importance of honoring Obama even if you disagree completely.  All I can say is that he is a dynamite speaker and his wife has a wonderful wardrobe…which leads me to my next point.


If you have tuned into the RNC and DNC, then you know what the FLOTUS and Ann wore to their respective conventions.

Last week in Florida, Ann Romney sported a traditional and classy Oscar de le Renta red dress from his pre-fall 2012 collection.

This ensemble was safe and sophisticated…definitely FLOTUS material.

This week,  Michelle Obama showed up in North Carolina sporting a dress made by Tracy Reese coupled with J. Crew heels.

No matter if you’re Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Anarchist, you have to agree that she looked stunning. This custom made dress was chosen because she hoped to relate more to the American women, as Reese’s garments retail around $350. She is known for her love of J. Crew, so it came as no surprise that she donned their suede heels. The thing that most people were gushing over most was not either of the above statement pieces. People have been ravishing over her fingernail polish. Yes, you read that correctly: fingernail polish!! It was a blue-greige tint applied through the ever popular gel manicure. The brand is Artistic Colour Gloss Soak Off Color Gel in “Vogue”  If you can’t afford that type of manicure, then give these a try OPI I Don’t Give A Rotterdam or Essie Boxer Shorts for a cheaper yet chic look. Don’t like these colors, but still love Obama? His campaign is selling nail polish… think I’m kidding?  Think again.

essie Nail Color Yogaga Collection.Opens in a new windowThough Michelle’s outfit is getting a lot of buzz, I’m not sure if it was DNC worthy. I’m a bit of a traditionalist, so though I like it, I wouldn’t have worn it on the night she did. For a First Lady who gets criticized for her casualness, I’m not sure I would have pushed the envelope on this special week. I mean, who wears a sweater to meet QE2? I wouldn’t… Not to mention, Oscar de la Renta has expressed hurt feelings that he doesn’t get to design for her. That’s great and all that Michelle chose to support a U.S. African American designer who is somewhat affordable; I’m all for supporting designers on the brink of stardom. If Tracy Reese wasn’t already well off by selling to stores like Anthropologie, she certainly is now! I didn’t hate the outfit, just hated that it wasn’t more first lady like.

No, I’m not against trendiness for First Ladies. I’m actually jealous of Mrs. O’s J. Crew collection, though my jealousy for her does not surpass my longing for Jackie O’s closet.  I’m all for modernizing, but I don’t think this should transfer over to fashion within politics. Let’s face it. Our leaders set the tone and trends for American fashion. We have already lost a sense of pride in what we wear, and at the rate we’re going, it’s only going to get worse. As the daughter of a Baptist deacon who still wears a suit and tie every Sunday, I have high standards. In a world where popular TV shows consist of Jersey Shore and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,  America doesn’t need any more help on the casual scene.

p.s. Oscar de la Renta, you can make me a dress ANYDAY.