What the heck is Winter White?

“You can wear white in the winter now. Michelle sent me a Glamour magazine article that said it was totally okay.”

That was a conversation I heard at church a couple of weeks ago. I immediately rolled my eyes and briskly walked to my car. I had had enough of that conversation. Lucky for you, it pulled me out of my blogging hiatus.

I am a bit of a traditionalist (that might be an understatement) and my Southern roots go down deep. One thing that has been instilled in me, is that you put your white away after Labor Day, and you don’t take it out until Easter rolls around. As a child, every Spring I’d not only get a  new dress for Easter Sunday, but a new pair of white shoes to pair with it.

*side note: I wore pantyhose to church even in the summer, well into my middle school years. Thanks, mom.*

First of all, let me be clear. Winter white is an actual color. It is a creamy white and by no means stark. If you were to walk into my office wearing creamy, dreamy pair of cords, that would be a perfect example of winter white. Have you ever seen bright white corduroy pants? I didn’t think so. There’s a reason for that. You’re not meant to wear white in the winter. To tell poor girls that white is suddenly acceptable in the winter because there’s a new hue called winter white is just plain sad. But it’s equally as sad that they actually eat that information up.

Second of all, you will never see me wear white in winter, no matter what magazine “grants” me the ability. (Not to mention, my grandmothers would roll over in their grave if I did). One thing that I love about the South is its tradition. The unwritten “white” rule is just one of those.

So to answer my question “what the heck is winter white”, it’s a color that has been around for a while and accepted in the southern society. It’s nothing new and it certainly isn’t as stark as what some fashion publications are portraying.

But don’t take my word for it, just take a look at history. Some of my biggest fashion inspirations are Audrey and Jackie O. (surprise, surprise). Take a look at them. Did they wear white in winter? The answer is simple: N-O. The reason they are still relevant today is because they weren’t trendy, they were classic. Something that is currently trendy is wearing white in the winter. I rest my case.

Now go shine up your white shoes and make sure your white sundress hasn’t yellowed. Easter is 71 days away.


No Fear.

No, I’m not referring the once popular clothing brand  that launched in 1989.

I’ve found that I learn the most when I look for lessons from God in my regular, everyday life. I’m not Moses, therefore I don’t get burning bushes; I feel that this is His way of speaking to me.

This past November, I was driving home from Waco for Thanksgiving, when the unthinkable happened. I wrecked my car on I-75 only 30 minutes from home in Garland. The traffic was unpredictable, ( as it most of the time it is) and I was going the speed of traffic in the fast lane left lane. All of a sudden red brake lights came on (only in my lane as luck would have it) and I tried to bring my Saturn Vue to a halt. My brakes locked and I swerved into the center lane, back into my lane, then ended up straight into the concrete barrier, perpendicular to the oncoming traffic. My airbag imploded, my front left end was crumpled under the car, and there was a viscous black substance leaking from my engine. By the grace of God I was the only car involved in the accident and came out of it with some marks on my arms from the airbag and a little harry potter-esque scratch on my forehead.

I immediantly dialed 911 then hit END and called my dad instead. Dad> 911 any day. A nice man named Patrick got out of his car (amid multiple lanes of traffic mind you) and calmed me down. He then helped me get my car to the  right shoulder, right after the Colorado exit on Central Expressway. I graciously thanked him as he left; he said he had a younger sister and he couldn’t imagine her dealing with this on her own, so he knew he had to stop. My mom says he was my angel. By this time, someone had called 911 and there were about 5 patrol cars stopped, shortly followed by a firetruck and ambulance. Oh. And a radio announcement saying a wreck near the Dallas zoo had inhibited traffic flow. Not my idea of radio stardom. (but hey, I’ve been on 99.5 the wolf before at Susan G. Komen’s Race for the cure, so I don’t have to claim this wreck as my infamous start of stardom).  The policemen all had their dip in and were anything but sympathetic…they jokingly asked if I was texting (which I wasn’t) and laughed and said I was just trying to get a new car.  I had made it since I turned 16  without getting a wreck and now this had to ruin my squeaky clean record.

My Vue ended up being totaled and after a month of driving a rental car instead of an SUV, I’m got back to my soccermom self (my new Sorento seats 7!) .Not that I was careless before, but now when I drive, it’s different.  It sends shivers up my spine if I’m in someone’s blind spot. I cringe when I see a foolish driver swerving from lane to lane like a lunatic who thinks thinks it’s a good idea to be reckless in traffic more dense than your Grandma’s fruit cake. I can still hear my car crunching against the concrete and the pop of the airbag as I lost control. In a sense, my eyes have been opened.

Kind of like the first time you experience heartbreak and you realize people will let you down.

Kind of like when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and were exposed to sin.

You’re probably wondering what in tarnation my wreck story has to do with Adam and Eve. Don’t worry; I’ll connect the dots.

The thing about us as humans, is that  the world has caused us to feel immune to sin…that it really isn’t that bad…that we can be good later…when really we should be similar to how I feel about driving. I used to love the open road, but my experiences have made me realize the distressing amount of danger that is present. In the same way, we as Christians used to love sin, but through Jesus, our eyes were opened. We don’t have to be fearful, because through Jesus we have no fear in death or sin; however,  we should be cautious  of what we involve ourselves in and who we surround ourselves with.  We should shutter at the thought of drifting from where we once so proudly stood in Jesus.  Christians are given freedom from  our wicked ways and so often we meander back down the path of sin, and are enslaved once more.

Remember that as Christians:

We receive God’s abundant grace.

“…But where sin increased, grace increased all the more,  so that, just as sin reigned in death, so also grace might reign through righteousness to bring eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 5:20-21

We must live in the world, but not be of it.

“Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” 1 John 2:15

We must keep Christ at the center of our lives so we can carry out His plan.

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be joyful today- you’re alive and FREE!

I love Men[swear].

I no longer can use the excuse “I’m getting things ready for graduation” as a reason why I haven’t been consistently writing…though I do have a new excuse.

I started my new job!

I’m currently working at the headquarters for a mens custom clothing company called J. Hilburn. Perfect for me, right? With my love of menswear and the fashion industry, I’m definitely in the right place. Located in the heart of Dallas, J. Hilburn is a great company to work for and is committed to giving quality service and products.

If the name sounds familiar, you might of heard that Esquire named us the best mens dress shirt.

Or maybe it was from the latest copy of INC where we had a phenomenal article.

Or just maybe you watched the bachelor and saw Sean, the Dallas cutie, sport our shirts?


Whatever it may be, check out J. Hilburn. They are paving the way for direct sales to be a personal, cost effective  transaction that will not only benefit you now, but for years to come.

It’s a shame I don’t have a boyfriend, as his closet would be filled with custom shirts, made to measure trousers, and personalized jackets. For now I’ll just stick to clothing my dad…:)