What Guys need to know about Wedding Etiquette.

While most of my friends, are getting asked the question, I just got wished a happy anniversary by my blog.  No need to fret. It’s a good relationship. I write when I want and even when I’m gone for a month, it still welcomes me back!flower girl

In all seriousness,  weddings are a huge part of my life right now. It’s like I graduated and they just started happening. Only five months after graduating from Baylor I will have been in three weddings,  invited to eight ceremonies, attended ten showers, and been a part of countless engagements and parties. (and this is only the current count!) My mom even told me that I needed to get more magnets for the fridge to hold all the invitations…

Between my wedding duties and working at a mens clothing  company, I have run into multiple wedding feaux pas committed by gentlemen, who I assume didn’t know any better.

Whether you’re in the bridal party, an attendee, or the groom himself, do yourself a favor gents, and make sure you abide by the following:


If  the invitation has your name, along  your long term girl friend’s or a “plus one”,  then you’re set to bring your girl. If it is addressed to you solely, then you are the only one invited. Do not, I repeat do not, RSVP for more than yourself. You’d think that this is common knowledge, but it’s not. For example, one of my friends who is getting married, recently had a guy RSVP to bring himself and three friends he wanted the bride and groom to meet. Not. Okay. Ever. Most of the time, people have a limited amount of seating and you cannot bring more than you are allotted. Plus, if you’re  not seriously dating anyone, then why would you want to bring a date? Don’t you know weddings are good places to meet girls? I for one do not bring a date if I don’t have to- weddings are more fun when you don’t have to baby sit someone!

2) Wedding Shirts

I work mainly with J. Hilburn Custom shirting. At least once a week, I receive desperate please from grooms, groomsmen, and wedding guests who must have their shirts in an extremely short  and impossible amount of time. Why must guys wait until the very last minute to order something they have known  months in advance about? More importantly why do they think our custom shirts are made by wizards and could miraculously be produced in less than two weeks, when we advertise three to four weeks.  I’ve even known guys to wait until the last minute to purchase off the rack shirts. It’s insane. Guys, if you can’t remember to get your shirt in time, get your girlfriend or mother to take you. I’m sure they’d be overjoyed to help you!

3) Groom’s Family’s responsibilities

Sometimes due to different cultures and sometimes ignorance, the groom’s family doesn’t know that there are certain things that they traditionally pay for. Here is a list of the main things that the groom’s family traditionally covers:

-rehearsal dinner invitations

-rehearsal dinner

-bride’s bouquet

-female family members’ flowers

-usher/groomsmen flowers

-marriage license and officiant fee


Obviously this is not an extensive list, and it is certainly not followed 100% of the time.

I have a few bridesmaid-ships under my belt, so I have witnessed these issues first hand. It’s not a lot, but in wedding planning, every little detail counts.so try and be courteous of your bride to be!


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