I love Men[swear].

I no longer can use the excuse “I’m getting things ready for graduation” as a reason why I haven’t been consistently writing…though I do have a new excuse.

I started my new job!

I’m currently working at the headquarters for a mens custom clothing company called J. Hilburn. Perfect for me, right? With my love of menswear and the fashion industry, I’m definitely in the right place. Located in the heart of Dallas, J. Hilburn is a great company to work for and is committed to giving quality service and products.

If the name sounds familiar, you might of heard that Esquire named us the best mens dress shirt.

Or maybe it was from the latest copy of INC where we had a phenomenal article.

Or just maybe you watched the bachelor and saw Sean, the Dallas cutie, sport our shirts?


Whatever it may be, check out J. Hilburn. They are paving the way for direct sales to be a personal, cost effective  transaction that will not only benefit you now, but for years to come.

It’s a shame I don’t have a boyfriend, as his closet would be filled with custom shirts, made to measure trousers, and personalized jackets. For now I’ll just stick to clothing my dad…:)


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