Pinterest Makes Me Want to Cry.

Before you come running after me for wishing the death of Pinterest, let me explain.

I like Pinterest. It’s good for when you’re bored. It’s good for when you’re hungry. It’s good for spurring ideas.

What I don’t like about Pinterest is the fact that people are pinterest-minded now. You may think that originality is dead, but I feel that there is a glimmer of hope…there are some original, crafty people out there.

As a person who crafts, sews, and paints on the regular, people will often say “Oh, did you see that on pinterest?” Not to toot my own horn, but I think of myself as having a pretty creative mind, so it kind of offends me when this is said.  I do make up some things on my own. Sure, I may look at pinterest, but not everyone has to seek Pinsperation.

Pinterest is good for advertising, learning, and even helping not so crafty people. It’s a great site! Just don’t assume everyone and their momma copy anything remotely creative from it.

Enough of my rant. Get back to your pin boards, Jack.


2 thoughts on “Pinterest Makes Me Want to Cry.

  1. I so agree with you on this one…I even feel that pinterest can make someone who isn’t crafty feel even more “ungifted” after perusing through their great site; it makes one(me) feel like that have to have more, want more, do more…need I say more….I may have to use your original thought…Pinterest makes me want to cry because it does!

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