Total Sorority Move: Not paying for friends.

I graduate this Saturday and I am already being nostalgic about my Baylor career. Looking back I know without a doubt that joining a sorority, more specifically Tri Delta, was the best decision I made in these past 3.5 years. Tri Delta has given me so much- endless opportunities and a lifelong friends. It was great to be a part of it in college, but I know that my eyes are only beginning to be opened to  the benefits of joining Delta Delta Delta.  Sororities are often given a bum rap for being used to obtain an MRS degree, excessive partying and my personal favorite: paying for your friends.

I joined Delta Delta Delta for none of the previous, and I know my friends didn’t either. I had friends in high school, but I wouldn’t deem them as true friends. Yes, I do still keep up with a handful of them who are great friends, but other than those, we’ve all changed and decided to take different routes in life. I rushed as a freshman at Baylor, but dropped out mid process because of personal reasons. I went through recruitment again as a sophomore, but went this time with the pursuit of Tri Delta in mind.  I wanted to be a DDD because those girls were genuine friends to me- more-so than any roommate or friend I had at the time.

The first year I joined, I  immediately began reaping the benefits of sisterhood. I was able to be in our singing group Tried and True. Singing has always been a passion of mine, but I could never coordinate Baylor Choir into my schedule because Apparel Merchandising classes are only offered at one, maybe two class times. That same Spring, I won a national t-shirt design competition through Tri Delta Headquarters and my shirt was sold to Tri Deltas everywhere. I was chosen to be a float chair the following fall, where I got to put my creative skills to work.  For the past two years I have been given the pleasure of modeling for Tri Delta Nationals and being featured on the cover and inside the Delta Shop Sophie National Tri Delta Catalog and website, as well as inside the Trident, our national magazine. This past year I served our Beta Tau chapter of Tri Delta as their licensing chair where I got to design and sell apparel to my liking.  Through these positions I have learned more people skills than I could ever imagine and Tri Delta has truly prepared me for the real world.

Last summer when I was interviewing for internships, many of the employers would comment on my involvement in Greek life and I think it is one of the things that helped me get passed along to second round interviews.  Everywhere I go, I always run into current and Tri Delta alums.  Once we figure out our connection, whether it be from a bracelet, keychain, or simply wearing letters, I always have the best conversations and am reminded why I chose to pledge my love to Delta Delta Delta.

Yes, I have friends outside of Tri Delta, but I’d say that my Delta girls are the ones who have made my best college memories. They’re there when I’m happy, sad, or being an occasional brat. I often wonder who came up with the saying that Greek life is just “paying for your friends,” because I’ve only heard it from those who weren’t involved in such an organization. Tri Delta has made my friends my sisters, given me service opportunities, resume boosters, and kept my grades up…We do have the highest group’s GPA on the Baylor campus;)

Think I’m crazy? Well I know from personal experience, that many if not all girls are touched this same way. To some, it got them out of their shell. To others, it turned their life around for the better. Tri Delta can and will have a positive aspect on your life if you let it. Is it perfect? No. But then again, nothing is.

So when asked what I will miss most about college, it won’t be the naps, the parties, or the fact that I can wear leggings to class without getting judged; it will be the friends and lifelong memories I will have for years to come. On Bid Day my sophomore year, I was so happy to throw on some “D’s”; now I know that when I put them on, they weren’t just printed on my shirt- they will be  forever printed on my heart.

Merry Christmas and DLAM y’all.


4 thoughts on “Total Sorority Move: Not paying for friends.

  1. As I sorority woman, I LOVED this. I am so happy you put all of this into words and you explained it all beautifully! Sending you some panhellenic love and wishing you the best of luck in all that you do!!


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