Hey girl, tell me what yo name, er I mean Monogram is…

If you haven’t noticed, monograms are one of the key trends right now. They can be seen on backpacks, hats, even gold necklaces.
Remember in the early 2000’s when  your initial was the “in” thing? Well, this has slowly come to replace it.

Honestly, I believe monogramming is classy and has always been popular among southern belles and sorority girls; it is just experiencing an explosion of popularity.

You can even monogram your Longchamp!

When I worked the Dallas Fashion Market in August, you could find monogrammed jewelry all over cash and carry floor. I might of indulged…

While mine isn’t real gold like this one, the fact that I only paid $4.75 makes up for it.

If you don’t have your own monogramming or embroiderering (I wish I did) Marly Lilly is one of the best sites to get your initials on your clothing.

They offer coozies, iPhone cases, sunhats, and even Nike shorts.

You can even stitch them yourself if you are feeling crafty! These are one of the products I offer for Southern Elle.

Monograms have also been commonly used at Weddings, but now it’s over the top. And guess what? I. Like. It.

One of my favorite finds are monogrammed mason jar glasses. My mom said I should wait until I get married until I buy them. I said, well…it doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon.

Whether you’re a new-comer to the trend, or rocking your mother’s vintage monogrammed Izod sweater, wear your name with pride. Confidence never goes out of style.


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