90’s are back, alright!

You probably think I have been slacking, but that my dear is not the case.  My priorities have been shifting as I research job possibilities, remain studious, keep active in my organizations, live life, and well, sleep.

I now write the style section for an online magazine called Fleur Ibis. That usually gets first priority when I free write, as that actually has deadlines I must meet. Another way my writing has been spread thin is because most every week I have a paper due in my fashion forecasting class. We write on everything from style icons to demographics and how media affects fashion.

Recently I’ve noticed more than just a tribute to the 90’s through clothing, but through products and advertising. Old Navy got The Backstreet Boys to do an ad for their jeans. (Though I prefer the Avett Brothers for Gap ad) Furby has resurfaced with a 2012 version. I personally think Hasbro is insane for bringing back this creepy creature. Who really wants to pay $60 for an awkward toy that can be quite scary.

One week my class’ topics for our paper were decades; I got the 90’s.  Here’s what I wrote on the 90’s and their influence today:

Zeitgiest: The  [Teen] Spirit of the 90’s

What’s that smell you ask?  The stench of an overstayed welcome of Teen Spirit? Think again. Style inspiration from the 90s is hardly unwelcomed- it’s rather beloved by today’s hipster, as well as the clean-lined prep. To better embrace the multitude of styles inspired by the 90s, let’s glance back at the decade where it all began.

Globalization and the acceptance of many differences kick started this minimalistic era. The Cold War ended, trade agreements such as NAFTA were drafted, and equal opportunities were fought for.  Technology and innovations surged as the internet revolutionized the world as we knew it. The tiresome lavishness of the 80s left the people of the 90s only one place to go: the casual corner in their closet. And that’s exactly what occurred.

The main instigator of fashion during this decade was music. You can neatly map out four genres and their coordinating fashion groups : grunge, goth, urban, and prep.

Probably the most notable style of the 90s was grunge. This went along with the alternative rock movement that celebrated rebelliousness and antifashion. Ironically, the “style” caught on. The poster child for this look was Kurt Cobain of Nirvana- a band founded in the late 80s, but reached its peak in the 90s. They were known for their flannels, destroyed denim, and Converse.  Though bands were known for emulating this look, the first designer to put it on the runway was Marc Jacobs.

A similar yet more embellished look was goth. It is basically its mother style (punk) on steroids. Goth popularized self expression through piercings and visible body art. Besides modernizing tattoos, goth is known for trending Dr. Martens. A face to put to this genre is Marilyn Manson, known for his application of makeup and donning black.

New on the scene was the Urban look. It was made popular by rappers such as Marky Mark. This fashion consisted of oversized pants that showed undergarments, as well as lots of jewelry deemed as “bling.” P. Diddy was one of the first to make this style available to the masses with his “Sean John” label.

Near the end of the decade, it seemed that everyone was tired of the ever so popular untamed fashion ideals, so they made a swift change. Influenced by pop culture such as N’SNYC, Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears, a more traditional look arose. This stark contrast to the grunge, goth, and garage band look included staples such as button downs, cardigans, and various prints like argyle.

So, do you still think the 90s are smelling up the scene? Look around- you’ll see the grunge look of flannels and converse, the goth look of combat boots, urban hip-hop’s saggy pant look, and preppy’s varsity look of layering sweaters and button-ups. Love it or hate, it’s still here. If nothing else, you can at least appreciate the 90s for giving you casual Fridays and serving as a precursor to the internet app on your iPhone that you’re rarely seen without.


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