It’s probably a good thing I don’t have a boyfriend because…

…he would probably break up with me for stealing his clothes.

HAH. I couldn’t help but title this post  like that. It’s actually not about relationships at all.

But really.

Now I’m not referring to the “ohhh I’m your girlfriend now; let me wear you shirt to bed” type thing. I’m talking about actual garments. I have a current obsession with menswear. You can find me shopping the mens department or altering items from their section to fit my body better.

Exhibit A: I bought this American Living Chambray shirt at JC Penney’s. When I purchased it my co-workers asked who it was for. When I told them it was for me they gave me quite  funny looks.

But when I wore this outfit to work they changed their minds completely.

Exhibit B: I stumbled upon this Stafford oxford shirt at JC Penney and fell in love with the green and white striped pattern, so I had to get it. Naturally.

Again, my co-workers thought I was crazy when I got it, but when I wore it to work, they all wanted one!

Exhibit C: Last fall I purchased these Oxford Shoes and my roommates told me they looked like a grandma shoe. I told them just to wait it out because soon they’d be popular.  Of course when they popped up in J. Crew’s magazine, I happily rubbed it in their faces. These shoes are based off mens oxfords but are made for women. I love sporting them.

Exhibit D: It’s no secret: I love Mary-Kate and Ashley.   They have a line called Olsenboye at JC Penney and I always try to shop that section. I found these combat boots and thought they’d be the perfect fit for my fall wardrobe. Of course, they’re based off combat boots worn in war, typically by men.

Those are just a few examples. I would love to find a way to wear skinny ties in a girlier way, because I would make so many to wear. I’m already experimenting with making “hair ties.” Literally.

I’m not quite sure where this obsession stemmed from. I’d like to say Coco Chanel, but who knows?  One of her biggest complaints with other designers of her time was that they constricted women. She described her style very differently and it’s the way I usually feel when I sew apparel. In her own words she said:

“I make fashions women can live in, breathe in, feel comfortable in, and look young in.”


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