I can no longer smell teen spirit: Observations since I entered my 20s.

Last August I turned 20 and when I did I started noticing things about myself that meant I was getting older. Besides no longer having the ability to smell teen spirit (Cue Nirvana) or literaly be the teenage dream Katy Perry sings about, here’s a list of things that I noticed:
1)I started liking candles. I always swore that whoever bought me candles didn’t know what to buy me. What in the world was I supposed to do with a large amount of scented wax? Roast marshmallows on it? Not that  I’ve done that… Anyway. Now I love them. When I’m grocery shopping at the Bellmead Walmart in Waco, I always find myself drawn to the candle aisle to sniff out what scent I’d like to try next.
2)I get jealous of others’ kitchen appliances. Since I started college my love for cooking and baking has grown 100%. I enjoy trying new recipes and experimenting. There’s nothing wrong with this; however, when you find yourself coveting your neighbor’s blend stick or griddle then you know you’re not 16 anymore and this ain’t no easy bake oven.
3)Drab birthday lists. I can remember thinking to myself as a child “Grownups are soooo boring. They get clothes and books as gifts. I never want to be like that.” To the eyes of a 12 year old, my wish list of engraved mason jars, crafty cookbooks and summer scarves may seem dim, but that’s what I like. Being able to look back and see the progress of my life and how my mind has changed over time is quite humerous.
5)Inability to stay up past 12:00 am and function properly the next day. In high school and even in my first two years of college I was able to stay up until 2:00 or 3:00 am on school nights and still be riproaring to go at 6:30 am when my Drill Team began practice or for my 8 am Spanish classes. Now, not so much. Last semester I slept through my first class ever. I woke up when it began (9:30 am) so there was no point in me rushing to get ready.  Why did I sleep through the 10 alarms I set on my iPhone? (yes, this is real life) because I went to bed very late the night before.
4)Inability to sleep in past 8:00 am. This is rather new…I’ve been interning for JC Penney all summer and most days I report to work at 8:30 am. Because of this, my body refuses to sleep in past 8:00…8:30 am if I’m lucky. While this may seem terrible to some, it’s actually good for the summer because it makes it easier for me to get out of bed and go running when it’s not so hot.
5) I drink Coffee. Black. There’s no explanation needed for this. See #4 and #5 if confused.
6)There are things I won’t wear. If you knew me at all in high school you’d know that I went through a mini skirt phase. That’s really all I wore. (Obviously not the ones in the picture above) I actually kept an outfit log so I wouldn’t repeat the same combination. Several things have changed since then: I no longer wear nor own any of those skirts and I don’t keep a log anymore. Today I realized that I’ve been at work over a month and still haven’t repeated an outfit…does that make me a brat? Nevertheless, there was a time when I thought there wasn’t a thing as “too short”, but now there definitely is. My sister refuses to touch some of my clothing because my shorts come down to long or my dress goes to my calves. No, I’m not a prude– I just watch what I wear more and the image I portray. According to my sister, she only has a few more years where she can get away with it, so by golly she is going to.
7)I don’t know the current Disney Channel or Nickelodean child stars. I was watching that slime show on Nick with my younger cousins and realized that I didn’t know any of the competing contestants. They said one of them was from One Direction (the band) and I had heard of that, but I couldn’t pinpoint any of the other ones. This realizaiton was kind of painful.  Last time I checked Hannah Montanna and The Suite Life of Zac and Cody were still airing. By the way, what ever happened to Lizzy McGuire, Even Stevens, and That’s so Raven?
8)I eat my vegetables. (No, not just french fries) I’ve never been a picky eater, but when it comes to vegetables, they’re just not my thing. I really took note of this when I completed my Weight Training Class in May after completing a food survey. It stated that I a lot of sweets and fruit and not much of anything else.  Since then I have really opened my eyes to new foods- and like them!! I now can actually say that I enjoy squash, okra (it doesn’t even have to be fried!), avacados (not just in guacamole), peppers, and onions and many other fresh comestibles (there’s your spanglish for the day). Though I will still continue to bake sweets, my roommate Megan will be glad to know that I will also be cooking more healthy dishes…only to balance out the sweets though;)
9)Time flies. Literally. It goes so much faster than what it use to. In the words of singer/songwriter Jillian Edwards (and Baylor Grad!): “Used to want time to run so quickly, but now crawling is fine” (Nonficiton Love Song). This summer has flown by and that only means that these next 4ish months of school are going to go by so quickly. Soon I’ll be a graduate.
welp. I turn 21 in 17 days. I’m anxious to see what this next year of life has to teach me about myself.

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