The Cat’s Meow.

It’s no secret that I like cats.

 Recently I’ve noticed an influx of cats in the media.  At first I thought that it was my love for the furry felines that drew me to products that glorified them, but now I know that it is a full-fledged trend and I’m not imagining things!

For example, I walked into a bank in Waco to pay my rent and was halfway greeted by a sales clerk who was enamored by some cats on the television. She looked at me and said “aren’t they beautiful creatures?” Sure I agreed but that type of behavior is only exhibited by a true blue cat lady…kind of like this poor woman.

It’s funny to me how cats have gotten a bad rep in today’s society, when they used to be one of the most revered animals in the world. Thankfully, I think that the world is finally embracing cats again. They are certainly muses in today’s fashion market and I’m not just referring leopard print.

I work at Delia’s whenever I go home and upon my return this summer I saw quite a few cat shirts. Here’s one of them:

A trendy place that targets older customers is Urban Outfitters- they too have hopped aboard the cat wagon.

Heck! Even the cosmetic department has caught cat scratch fever.

While we’re talking about cat scratch fever, let me just interject and say that I have met Ted Nugent. Don’t understand what I’m referring to? Watch this. He has a ranch outside of Waco so sometimes he is seen about the town. Where did I meet him? The ladies department of Dillard’s in the Richland Fashion Mall. Small world.

Back to cats…

It’s not just fast fashion companies that support the popularity of cats…high fashion brands support them too. Here’s a recent Guess ad:


There is also a slew of celebs who enjoy a pretty kitty friend.

Cee Lo Green likes cats.

Tina Fey likes cats.

James Franco likes cats.

Channing Tatum likes cats. (keep staring…it never gets old)

We can’t forget technology…according to David Wolfe, technology is going to be the most import aspect of style in the future. Just search the App Store on your phone…There’s a myriad of items involving cats. There’s one that places cats in pictures with people, one that changes your voice to meows, and of course a plethora of games including cats.

Most importantly…did you know my favorite fashion icon liked cats? View the glory of Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly and her feline companion: Cat.

“Cat! Cat! Oh, Cat… ohh…”

She even found love with Cat…

I don’t that I will, but I do know that  that one day I will get a kitten and name it Cat, but for now meow, I’ll just embrace the trend.

Have a MEOWvalous Monday! Too much meow? Sorry I’m not sorry 🙂


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