Menswear of the Moment.

The Avengers did more than beat the box office record for Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows-Part 2…they succeeded in making a hilarious yet action packed movie that many moviegoers fell in love with. RDJ’s witty retorts, Chris Hemsworth’s attractiveness, Scarlett Johansson sexiness, and Chris Evans’ fashion sense; I could go on and on.

Being an apparel major, my eye is drawn to clothing. Chris Evans’  very first outfit is what caused me to follow his clothing choices throughout the movie. The picture above is that very one I am speaking of. I love how the pants are a little more high waisted than usual. The waistband is thicker, which allows a wide belt to accentuate his midsection. I loved the color scheme and just how hipster and effortlessly cool he looked.

I’ve been a fan of him since The Fantastic Four, but I never really thought of him as a fashion icon until now. I love this denim Louis Vuitton button up, coupled with the skinny navy tie.

There he goes again showing off his fashion sense! The brown tie is modern, but classic and in my opinion, pulls the whole outfit together.

One of the clothing brands that I believe excels in menswear is Brooks Brothers. Who else can say that they have dressed 39 out of 44 presidents?  I’d say that’s pretty reputable. They always bring together timeless pieces with a trendy twists. Pops of color have been a major trend lately and I’m glad to see it transfer over into menswear.

Not only have I seen it in adds for J. Crew and Brooks Brothers, but I’ve also seen it on the streets. While studying for my Economics exam in one of Baylor’s libraries, I snapped this picture above. I really liked the guy’s choice of blue shorts and his loafers were classy. (Call me creeper if you’d like. I don’t care.)

My sister’s boyfriend’s prom was this weekend so I went with them to take pictures. This boy showed up to take snapshots with the group and I instantly liked his entire outfit. It takes a confidant person to pull off blue paisley pants but I think he did an exceptional job of it. I appreciate the lengths he went to in coordinating his outfit. Look at the detailing all the way down to his shoes!! His is also sporting a bow tie which is very in right now. While guys usually decide to wear all white suits and coordinate with pimp hats and canes to prom, I was happy to see that someone was willing to stand out and show some fashion sense.

This was another suit I appreciated. Khaki is just a fun color to work with. I thought it was crisp and clean, and of course I liked his bow tie.

(Obviously I thought my sister and her boyfriend looked precious.)

The direction that mens fashion is going in excites me. For the first time it may excite me a little more than womenswear. GQ  is great for finding out what is in and what isn’t- they’re just an overall  classic publication which is why I like them. Their Swagger-Jacking of the week this week featured Chace Crawford. He’s a Texas boy and a Gossip Girl star…what’s not to love? One of the items that was said to be his style and right on trend were skinny ties. It made me smile because those are the type of ties that I’m currently sewing and selling.

 Here’s some of my latest neckwear for Southern Elle.

“Fashion fades, style is eternal.” -YSL


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