Trend Alert Part 2: Ring By Spring.

(If you missed trend alert part 1, read it here. If you already read it, continue on, my friend!)

Open your browser.

Go to google.

Type “ring by

See that the first thing that comes up is “Ring by Spring Baylor“?

Hilarious, right?

There’s a reason why Baylor is the school that comes up. SO many people get engaged in the Spring- it’s basically a Baylor trend. There’s so much love in the  air, you could swim in it. Literally every Tri Delta meeting we’ve had this semester has had at least 1 candle pass.

Why am I talking about this? Well, let me tell you.

Zara, one of my oldest and best friends, got engaged this week!

 We’ve gone to the same school since elementary school, so it was really exciting for me to be able to be there.

Her boyfriend fiance’s band wrote a song and played it at their Open Mic night at Common Grounds Coffee Shop.

It was perfection.

She had absolutely no idea it was coming.

I’m not sure if  you can view it because of facebook privacies, but here is the whole song live. If that doesn’t work, you can watch a beautifully edited version here!

Since we’re discussing engagements, why not bring up weddings? It is wedding season you know…who doesn’t want a June wedding at the Plaza?

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of going to a friend’s wedding that was absolutely phenomenal.

A former Baylor quarterback marries the former captain of the All Girl Cheer Squad…Basically, it was the perfect, fairytale wedding.

The ceremony was at Royal Lane Baptist Church, and the reception was at The Four Seasons.

The colors were pink and champagne and were sprinkled tastefully about the sanctuary- very classy to say the least. The ceremony was probably the best I’ve been to- not too short, not too long and focused on God.

 While we were waiting for the reception to start, there was appetizers, etc, but my favorite part was this cute raspberry lemonade with an adorable paper straw and pink sugar crystals.

Getting into the reception room was worth the wait- it was to die for. There were flowers everywhere, even on the chandelier! It was breathtaking.

When you arrived at your assigned table, there was an envelope with your name on it atop the menu for the evening. What did the envelope have inside? I’m glad you asked…A handwritten note thanking you for attending!

The bride and groom were the epitome of Cinderella and Prince Charming.


There was a lot of detail at this wedding, which is what made it great! There were so many detailed elements, it’s hard for me to even describe.  A constant theme throughout it was monogramming. What southerner doesn’t love a good monogram? From the monogram appliques on the bathroom mirrors, to the monogrammed pillows thrown upon  couches, even to the monogrammed toothpicks for the appetizers, everything was done beautifully and in a tasteful way.

Being a fashion major, one of my favorite parts of weddings is seeing what kind of dress the bride wears. You can learn a lot about a person by why kind of clothes they wear…as Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man.” Well, Laura’s dress(es) were absolutely stunning. Her first dress had a lace top, a souffled skirt and a beautiful train and veil. For the ceremony, she took of the skirt part to reveal a very Kate Middletonesque lace gown. Before she left, she changed into a shorter dress that had feathers. All of her choices fit the occasion so well.

Words can’t describe how perfect the wedding was- I’m so happy for Laura, because she definitely deserved it!

While we’re discussing spring trends, why not talk about the actual season?

It’s always beautiful at Baylor year round, but in the springtime it is exceptionally beautiful.

This spring in particular, I have seen a slew of butterflies.

…moreso than normal.

I was able to snap a pic before this beautiful monarch flew away.

God’s love and beauty is always evident, but there’s something about spring that just illuminates it to a higher extent.


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