Pascua,Pastels, and Parfaits.

(Pascua means Easter for y’all who don’t speak Spanish).

It’s Easter Monday!

That means yesterday Christians worldwide celebrated Jesus rising again.

That means I’m currently feeling the after effects of the smorgasbord of food I ate.

[My family can’t have a holiday without Doodle Salad.]

[We always make Jiggler eggs (jello).]

[Parfaits have been a part of Easter Lunch for as long as I can remember.]

That means I have gotten two  days off from school (It pays to go to the largest Baptist school in the world. Literally).

That means you can now wear your white shoes and jeans without getting a dirty look from me.

Yes, I do still follow the old Southern rule.

While we’re on the subject of Easter, a couple classmates and I just recently did a window display for our visual merchandising class. The theme we chose? Easter. (who’d a thought?)

Butterflies coupled with wicker framed dress forms, greenery, and a token bunny, made up our scene. Though I’ve done floor sets and changed manikins, I’ve never done an actual window display. While I was putting this one together, I pretended I was arranging it for Anthropologie. A girl can dream, right?

To me, Easter represents a time of newness…another time to celebrate and remember that because of Jesus we have new life and can start fresh everyday- forgiven!

“Experiencing new things”  has been the constant theme of my life in 2012 so far.

Here are a few “firsts” that I have experienced thus far:

Just a couple of weeks ago, I ran my first 5k.

Well really it was the first race ever that I actually ran in…I’ve completed the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure almost every year since I was in a stroller, but that was for a cause and I wasn’t striving for a specific time.

I finished in 29:00 minutes- the average male time was 32:00 and 36:00 for female. I finished 180th place out of 681 people and 95th out of 490 women. I will definitely do another race!

Another new thing I’ve recently done, is make neckties. I decided that I wanted Southern Elle to expand from just making bow ties, so last week I bought fabric and made a pattern for a tie. I’ve only made one so far, but I really like how it turned out and have already had people want to order one.

It is a bias cut 3” tie that is a little less than 59” long and constructed out of a heathered gray suit material. Be on the look out for other posts with colors and patterns would be the perfect spring accessory!

A new and somewhat surprise for most, is that I have decided to graduate in December–  a semester earlier than I had planned to leave Baylor. See you soon, December 15th.

If you regularly follow my blog, then you know for Spring Break I did THREE new things: go to Mexico, go on a cruise, &go to New Orleans. All things I had never done.

(Oh and got my first dolphin kiss;)

 I’ve tried countless new recipes, but you’ll have to wait for those gems, because they’ll be in a later post:)

If you looked through pictures of me from a year ago, my taste in color was very different. I loved dark clothing, especially black. But not in an emo way…in an “I can never have enough little black dresses” kind of way. I still enjoy wearing black, but have slowly been trying to add color into my closet.

In my opinion, I’ve had a pretty successful color integration into my wardrobe. My current favorite color scheme? Orange and blue, mainly in pastel forms.

I don’t know if it’s because Tango Tangerine was named color of 2012 by Pantone, or if I’m just newly attracted to the color, all I know is that orange is one of my favorite colors to see in the garment industry right now.

Never had I ever purchased white jeans before…until this weekend. I was raised under the impression that white was for weddings and the color of underwear that you wore to church. While I still adhere to the “no white shoes after Labor Day until Easter” rule, I have updated my beliefs about the “wearabouts” of the color. (no pun intended).

Yes, I have updated my approach to certain pieces of clothing, but I will never stray from classic, timeless pieces such as the dress below.

Upcoming new things: Seeing the Avett Brothers in concert for the first time ever and living in a state other than Texas for an extended period of time.

I’ll end today with a quote that I feel wraps up what I’ve said perfectly.

“Twenty years from now you will be disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the one’s you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover”.

-Mark Twain

 Celebrate new things.


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