Being Smart is Always In Style.

Besides the top knot, I’ve also noticed an influx of large framed glasses.

As a girl who has worn them since 5th grade, I’m happy to see this. I’m tired of contact commercials inferring that glasses are uncool and make you unattractive.

Last spring I got a new pair of glasses and I love them. They’re tortoise Burberry frames and are the perfect size for my face. (Or at least I think so).

I recently told my sister that I wanted a fake pair of glasses that were a little bit  bigger than my real frames. I pictured myself with a top knot, a hipsteresque outfit and the feaux glasses. She responded that those were ghetto… In high school they may be, but at Baylor and in the celeb world they are definitely chic.

My main inspiration behind wanting them? Zooey Deschanel.

I’ve liked her since Elf, but I love her show New Girl.

Other participants in the trend and two of my lifetime favorites? The Olsen Twins.

They also have a line of eyewear under their label Elizabeth and James.

Besides celebs, there are a myriad of people on the Baylor campus who are the perfect example of chic-glasses wearers.  Here are a few photos of my friends at Baylor who embrace the glasses trend.

Meet Sarah.

Meet Lauren.

Meet Sarah.

Meet Heather.

Meet Robert Griffin III.

Yes. That’s right. The Heisman Trophy Winner sports these glasses.

Perhaps its part of his obsession with Superman

Yes, yes, Baylor is a fashionable place to be.

Now you can be smart and look smart (and chic, for that matter).

Congratulations, world.

P.S. You should read the blog post I did for Baylor’s Tri Delta Blog


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