Never trust anyone who doesn’t like dogs, the beach, or Dylan.

If you’ve seen The Wackness, then you know where I got my inspiration for the title of today’s post. There is a scene where Dr. Squires says that you should never trust anyone who doesn’t like dogs, the beach, or Dylan. (He also says people who don’t smoke pot, but clearly I don’t have the same belief on that part of the ad-lib).

Nevertheless, it’s true. We probably won’t get along if you don’t like the three things listed. Bob Dylan is a musical genius and one of my favorite singer/songwriters. I adore dogs, and for the first time ever live with one, instead of a cat. Her name is July, and she is perfect. Last, but not least, if you know me at all, you know that I love the beach and sunshine despite my fair-skinned nature. I guess I’m a ginger kid who doesn’t suffer from gingervitus. Take that, South Park.

Speaking of the beach, next week is my Spring Break and I’m going on a cruise with my family to Mexico! It’s the first time in a very long time that Baylor has had the same Spring Break as all of the other public schools in Texas; it’s usually the week before. The joke is that Baylor doesn’t like its students to fraternize with “the heathens.” Jokes.

Anyway, here is a list of my must haves for Spring Break.

A good set of books.

I love to read and I’ve never been ashamed of it…in elementary school I had the second highest amount of accumulated Accelerated Reader points. If you like spoken poetry, listen to Mark Grist on why he likes a girl who reads… These three books I’m bringing with me are Fifth Avenue, 5 am by Sam Wasson, Genuine Authentic by Michael Gross, and The House of Klein by Lisa Marsh.


How else did you think I’d be able to stand the sun’s rays? Skin cancer is real.

A new swimsuit.

HAH to those of you who thought I’d model my new suit and post pictures of it on here.  You can kind of see it in the previous picture…the whole thing is featured at the top of the post.  A red bikini for a ginger? Yes. Yes indeed. Surprisingly, it doesn’t clash with my hair…This  photo was from this past weekend when one of our friends let us lay on his roof and get some sun. Despite the fact that we could have fallen to our death, it was fun.


After almost losing my RayBans to bodies of water multiple times, I invested in some croakies. The joke’s on me  though,because they don’t fit my RayBans. They do however fit my Polo sunglasses, so that’s how they’ll be used. I’ve been wearing them to class all week as a sign of protest for assigning work the week before Spring Break. It hasn’t caused any of my teacher’s to back down though…darn.


They’re fashionable and protect you from the sun. Get one. Now.

A good fingernail polish color.

This particular hue is from O.P.I.’s new Holland collection. It is called “Kiss me on my tulips.” It’s a  fun, pink color that is perfect for Spring Break and it gives me a break from my usual shades of red.

I have a bucket load of items that I have made, most of them being sweet. I’ll wait until after Spring Break to post them, so I don’t ruin anyone’s beach bod. Instead I’ll leave you with something sweet that won’t add to your caloric intake: eye candy.

I present to you, James Franco with cats

You’re welcome.


4 thoughts on “Never trust anyone who doesn’t like dogs, the beach, or Dylan.

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