Recollections of Christmas as a 90’s Girl.


And we all know that the best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.

Well, that’s according to Buddy the Elf, but one of my favorite ways to celebrate Christmas (and there’s a lot) is buying gifts for people.

I remember as a child, saying I didn’t want to grow up because “old people” got boring things for Christmas like clothes and shoes. I mean why would you want a sweater, when you could get a princess costume instead?


That’s all I really ask for now.

Not to mention, that’s what my career path revolves around…

I was thinking the other day about what crazy things the manufacturers, er I mean, Santa’s Elves, come out with for children around Christmas. Of course I had Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids, Polly Pocket, and my Easy Bake Oven- but those are normal. Here are some of the gifts I remember getting that revolved around rather weird fads…

Doodle Bears. You drew on it and then put it in the washing machine and the marker would come off…Watch this commercial if you don’t remember them. It’ll be sure to spark your memory.

Betty Spaghetty. Besides teaching little girls the wrong way to spell Spaghetti, they reminded girls to remain “put together.”  Think I’m joking? Watch This commercial for a laugh…

Whatsherface doll. This commercial shows you how to draw the faces on; unfortunately, I never could get them just quite right., and I don’t believe it was due to a lack of artistic ability…

Bopit. Even Bopit Extreme… I loved this game and would play it  all the time. I was basically the Bopit Master. But where do you get the idea to bop, twist, or even pull something as a game?!

Giga Pets. I had this exact one…Why they were so cool, I’ll never know. It might have been the hot shorts in this commercial…

Furby. I don’t know what crazy person invented this, but it was so weird, it caught on. I remember having to take the batteries out of mine because it would spookily turn on. Ridiculous. How did I fall for this?

Some other random toys I remember having in my house via my sister were Diva Starz, Sky Dancers, and a Robotic Dog.

While it is fun to purchase gifts and give them, the true meaning and celebration of Christmas is often forgotten. It definitely has to do with the mindset of the world.   Here is a good article by a Tri Delta; it reminds us to not focus too much on material things, which is rather hard to do while living in a material world.

As a girl who has a healthy obsession for clothing and studies fabrics and the fashion world almost everyday,  it is even harder to clear this mindset. While I love a good purchase, I have to constantly stand back and remind myself that it’s not about the shoes, the cardigan, or the classic leather bag in the store window. Christmas is about loving people, spending time with family, and reminding ourselves of the ultimate gift that we were given- the birth of Jesus.


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