Can I just spray a little Pam down there?

Welp. The post I had intended for this week is going to have to wait. I was really excited about it too (you should be as well…it has some very tasty elements.) But, I just had to put this post out first…too many things I wanted to say.

So, here is a smorgasbord of  information. I hope you enjoy it as much as your Thanksgiving feast!

– Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler– I just bought this…I got tired of carrying around water bottles and this was cute (and BPA free) Oh, and did I mention that it matches my planner?:)

-My eclectic Sarah, re-dip dyed her hair again…but only for a day. She works at the Mïchael Kors outlet in Round Rock and they only allow “normal” hair and she wanted to go out with a bang, before she had to get it cut and re-colored.  She will be in Maastricht next semester; I don’t know what I’ll do without her!

I have blogged before about Elle’s Originals, which is the name I make gameday apparel and dresses under. My friend, Warren, suggested that I change the name to Southern Elle, so I did! Facebook wouldn’t let me change it officially, so it still is called Elle’s Originals on there. I also made a new logo.

I also started selling custom fit Beaux ties. They’re so fun to make.

I’m always interested in fashion books or style icon biographies (I really want to read this one ) But today, I purchased “Bringing Home the Birkin” by Michael Tonello. When I asked the lady at Barnes and Noble if they had it, she immediantly thought I mispoke and meant bacon instead of Birkin. I gently corrected her. I have to be aware that not everyone (especially in Waco) know of Hermes and their beautiful bag that is worth a pretty penny. I can’t wait to delve into it!

Here’s an article about J. Crew’s footwear. (Unless you have a WWD login, then you probably won’t be able to read it). It’s called Crews Control and is really interesting. They’re promoting their footwear line which ranges for $17 to $450, including flip flops, all the way to riding boots.

And, last but not least…this post’s namesake… Let me preface this that I love clothing, but I’m not a fashion snob. I have these light blue, twill pants from Target. The zipper has always been a little bit persnickety. I wore them all day, and when  I got home from class, naturally, I went to the bathroom. After that endeavor, I couldn’t get the zipper to go up. I tried, and tried, and tried. After calling my mom, and some deliberation, I decided to put Pam on the zipper. (being careful not to get the grease on the fabric) Guess what? IT WORKED. So, quoting one of my comedies…I say, yes. please do spray a little pam down there.


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