How to properly prepare for Black Friday.

Thanksgiving is upon us!

I left Dallas this morning at 5:45 to make the five hour trek to Arkansas for Thanksgiving. During the first part of the drive (before I fell back asleep), I smiled to myself thinking of everything I am thankful for. There are so many blessings in my life, I’d need about 100 Sunday School “thankful” hand turkeys to write them all down. Literally.

What makes Thanksgiving even more special to me is that 123 years ago on Thanksgiving eve, Tri Delta was founded.

Another part of Thanksgiving that I think about, (due to my retail brain) is BLACK FRIDAY. Well…and Cyber Monday, but no one really knows that the Monday after Black Friday is called that because online retailers put the majority of their sales on that day.  But lucky for you,  now you do!

Sure, some people shop for electronics, some shop for cars, but if you’re like me, you try to catch all of the clothing deals. A problem that I’ve noticed, is that I don’t think about what I’m wearing as I go shopping. Sure, I consider what I’m wearing before I put it on, but I don’t think about it being fitting room appropriate.

Here are some things to think about before you venture out to fight the crowds for the marvelous deals.

1) Your hair. If you’re going to be pulling garments on and off your head there are some do’s you shouldn’t do, so you don’t spend your whole day fixing your hair instead of purchasing that cute new outfit. The main struggle for me is that I tease my hair a lot. I know…living in Texas in comes as a surprise that I’d have big hair…not. Teasing just doesn’t mix well with trying on items because it tends to flatten your volume. Another  hairdo that is hit or miss are braids. If a zipper or a clasp gets caught on a piece of hair, your braid is done for.

2) Your undergarments. This one is obvious, yet sometimes even I forget it. If you don’t wear something that is neutral and will look good under  anything, then you might have trouble seeing if you’d like it, or what it would actually look like if you had followed this rule:)

3)Food. While it is important to eat so you’re energized, don’t eat too much; especially, before you go shopping, because a)you’ll probably have to go to the bathroom and b)you might feel bloated, which will also influence how you feel something looks as you try it on.

4)Accessories. I’m all for abundant matching accessories, but this probably isn’t the day to wear you James Avery charm bracelet. Big watches, bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings, can be really annoying if you have to remove them every time you try on something new. It also might lead you to not purchase the perfect dress, just because you didn’t feel like taking all of the time  to try it on. Another note on this, is purses. While I love my oversize bag, taking it out on Black Friday is a no-no. Not only will they start to hurt your arm, they will also be in the way of everyone, since stores will be crowded.

5)Shoes. While it seems like common sense, most don’t consider this. DO wear something you can walk, (even run in, just in case you have to grab that last shirt…). DON’T wear a pair that take forever to take on and put back on. This will be the biggest pain ever, especially if you are wearing pants and have to remove your shoes just to take them off.

Other notes about Black Friday…

-At the rate things are going, I’m convinced that it will become Black Thursday, because retailers keep pushing back the times at which they’re opening. The earliest I’ve heard is 9:00 pm Thanksgiving night. Unfortunetly this doesn’t surprise me, because the world is putting more and more focus on material things, rather than the important things in life, like family.

-Kohls won the most annoying Black Friday jingle award.  They also lost points in my book, because they are egging Rebecca Black on…Were they trying to be punny? Her song is called Friday and her last name is Black…

Here’s some Black Friday history…

-I typed “Black Friday” into Google and the first link that popped up was for Kroger. I wonder how they got that spot…

Anyway, I hope y’all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and load up on tryptophan and divine deals!


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