Fashionably Smart.

My first encounter with “major discrimination” was during my orientation at Baylor- the summer before my first semester as a student began. I walked into an auditorium in the Baylor Science Building that was filled to the brim with future Baylor Bears and their proud parents. Just when I thought I’d have to stand in the back, I felt a tap on a shoulder of a rather attractive boy…he offered me the seat next to him and I gladly took it. Waiting for the presentation to start, we encountered the first of many “small talk sessions” we’d have throughout the day, and even throughout the beginning of our first semester…where are you from? where are you going to live? what’s your major? When the latter question was asked of me, I happily replied “fashion merchandising.” His response was deadly and killed the conversation, as well as my interest in him. He bluntly stated “Oh…that’s actually a major?” I promptly gave him my glare of all glares and said “No. My parents are actually just paying for me to get my M-R-S degree.” They don’t call me sassypants for nothing…

I could have spouted off and told him that my degree is one of the most hour intensive studies, but I didn’t. I didn’t have to prove myself to him, all I had to do was show that pre-med major that my careerpath of choice was not a joke. Consisting of at at least 147 hours total, my  Bachelor of Science in Family Consumer Sciences is not just some la-ti-dah, blow off course. I take real classes such as textiles: the chemistry of fabrics and Financial Planning Control, which is retail math. On top of that, I will graduate with a minor in Business Administration which lands me classes such as Accounting and Finance. While my life currently consists late nights with excel spreadsheets and monitoring stocks of certain retail companies, I try to include some of the design aspect too.

The Mary Gibbs Jones Building: aka where I spend most of my time.

Besides classes, honor societies, and numerous things with my sorority, Tri Delta, I design and sew. While I mostly do collegiate dresses for game day, I also do everyday clothes- both which can be seen here.  Condoleezza Rice came to Waco and spoke on Baylor’s campus about her new book “No Higher Honor.” One of the questions she was asked was in regard to her career path. It took failing as concert pianist for her to realize her passion. She said to find something you’re passionate about and make that your career path and you’ll never be sorry. I am fortunate enough to have found that already.

If it wasn’t enough that I found something I have great zeal about, I also am in the right place to pursue it: Baylor University.This is a recent news clip of how Baylor stays on top of the fashion trends and programs. It was also recognized in the top 20 fashion schools by following programs such as Parsons, FIT, and Pratt. This past year I entered a national Tri Delta t-shirt contest and ended up winning. Thanks to my fashion illustration and principles of design class, I was able to beat out girls who sent in professionally rendered designs; I sketched and colored mine on my own. It is things like this that make me realize I am doing exactly what God wants me to be doing, exactly where He  wants me to be doing them.

This was on the New York-Montreal Trip I took with Baylor Fashion.

If you need any real life evidence that fashion merchandising majors are needed, watch this video… It is about Gap and how it is failing as a retailer.  It is said that they are failing because they brought in a CEO who wasn’t knowledgeable in the fashion industry, but one who was highly regarded…in the drug store business. While it is necessary to know how to make profits, success in the drug store business is not the same as success in the apparel industry. While Glenn Murphy might of seemed like a good fit, he is no Mickey Drexler. (The former Gap Inc. and current J. Crew Group CEO). Ryan Gosling really did mean “Be better than the Gap” in Crazy Stupid Love…hire your kind!

Thanks to Adam and Eve, people will always need clothes, and therefore, there will always be jobs in my field.

So, dear boy from freshman year (and every other person who has ridiculed my career path), while Obama may ruin your  chances of a reasonable salary because of Obamacarehis wife and everyother person in the world supports my route of business.

Who says clothing is nothing? It’s everything.


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