My friend, Warren, recently posted a status on Facebook that read “I miss the days when a new school year was accompanied by a new backpack and new tennis shoes,” to which my response was “It’s not anymore?!”

I love a new school year.

I love coordinating spirals and folders. Well, I enjoy purchasing school supplies in general.

I love first day of school outfits. (Yes, I still get them.) I haven’t gotten mine yet, but you can never go wrong with a Ralph Lauren polo dress.

I love football games and game day dresses. This is my newest one. I was sew happy (get it?!) to read this article about sewing and its popularity!

I love being reunited with my wonderful friends and roommates.

My roommate, Megan, responded to Warren by saying that the new school year is accompanied by a new Lilly Pulitzer planner and new Michael Kors flats. She couldn’t be more correct.

Speaking of new things and Lilly Pulitzer, I just got my new Lilly planner and I couldn’t be more excited.  I enjoy making plans, color coordinating, and to-do lists.

Isn’t it adorable?! It makes stressful weeks look pretty.

I also just got a new Kate Spade purse. I have been wanting a new yellow purse for a while now and I finally found the perfect one, not to mention it shows Baylor Spirit!

This is one of my favorite Kate Spade quotations. It accompanied the purse, of course.

Back to school shopping is one of my favorite times to buy new clothes. This dress is probably one of my favorite purchases of this summer.

This is what the inside says:

I found this dress at Buffalo Exchange. It is from Canada and completely handmade. Here’s where it gets interesting…it is constructed from two different pair of wool pants and reclaimed drapes. Basically it made me feel like Julie Andrews had made this dress just for me, along with all of the Von Trapp children. I was shopping with my friends, Alex and Zara, and they kindly pointed out that not only was it adorable, but it was Tri Delta colors. I had to get it.

I like vintage clothing, but I’m also drawn to vintage items, such as mason jars, old scrabble letters, type writer keys, and old and yellowing sheet music. I was looking of items such as these and stumbled upon these modern monogrammed day mason jars and wanted them immediately.

Monogram Drinking Jars - Set of 4

They look like they belong in Garden and Gun magazine, which is one of my new favorites to look at ever since  I read it while I was waiting at the dentist.

I have a billion and two things to do before I head back to Waco next week, but with my Lilly planner in hand, I’m sure it will all turn out okay!


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