Why I love Texas.

 “The stars at night are big and bright *clap,clap,clap,clap* deep in the heart of Texas.”

Finding a baby Mockingbird (Texas’ state bird)behind one of my back wheels has inspired me to document my favorite things about Texas. Thank you, Mrs. Kathleen for saving the little fowl. This is an inconclusive list…there’s way more to love about Texas; these are just the best of the best, in my book. Read on to discover why I love where I live.


“We all ride our horses to school and have oil wells in our back yards.” It it funny to think about, but people actually think that. When I was in Singapore, an employee of the hotel really did ask my family that question. We just chuckled to ourselves and said “no.” Not only is Texas blessed to be in the South, but also a part of Western culture as well. Prime example? Louis L’Amour. His main character was named “Tex.” Where do you think he got that name? Perhaps one of the best frontier writers, L’Amour is world renown for his western culture literature. While I have never read any of his works, my Poppa had practically all of his books. Another great western tale is Lonesome Dove by Larry McCurtry. This happens to be my dad’s favorite movie, so before I even watched it, my dad was quoting lines from it to me. This also inspired our back porch. Notice the tools on the wall and  Lonesome Dove sign.

Another part of the Western culture that I enjoy, are cowboy boots. I love boots in general, but I especially love cowboy boots. I have three pair; a vintage pair that were my Granna’s and then a black pair and a pink pair. The following picture is my family’s boot collection, minus my pink ones, because those are in Waco.


Cowboys, Rangers, and Mavs. Need I say more? Sure there are other Texas teams, but being the Dallasite that I am, these are clearly the best of Texas. In the past year alone, Texas has hosted the Superbowl, The NBA Championship, and the World Series. I don’t think this section needs any further explanation. Nuff Said.

Everything is bigger in Texas.

While this statement can refer to a lot of things, what I’m talking about is hair. I love BIG hair. It is a bad day if I run out of hairspray or cannot find my teasing comb. The bigger, the better.

The Fashion Scene.

Most people think of New York as a fashion oasis. While this may ring true in some cases, I enjoy the Dallas scene over New York. Don’t get me wrong; I like visiting New York, but I’m not sure I could live there. I feel dirty when I’m there, and I feel that Southerner’s are more friendly. One example of how Dallas is great in the business of fashion is that the career day that Fashion Group International puts on is bigger in Dallas, than in New York. (Yet another example of how everything is bigger in Texas.)

The business of fashion is not the only success of Dallas, the shopping is great too! My favorite mall is Northpark. What used to be a 97 acre cotton field, is now one of the best malls to visit in Texas. In 1965, when Northpark opened, it was the largest, climate-controlled mall of its kind. Today, with many renovations and additions, it remains at the top of its game. Another shopping center to visit, is Highland Park Village, which was named a historical landmark in 2000. It was opened in 1931 and was one of the very first shopping centers to be constructed. What makes it special is that it has high end retail boutiques which are hard to find elsewhere. For instance, it has the first Christian Louboutin boutique to open in Texas. Other good places to shop in Dallas are Stonebriar in Frisco, Allen outlets, Watters Creek, The Village in Allen, The Galleria, Willowbend, and Mockingbird Station. There are lots of other good places, these are just the ones that I tend to go to and are most familiar with. Other malls that I enjoy that are not in the Dallas area are the San Marcos Outlets, the Roundrock Outlets, and the Houston Galleria. I also love boutiques, and living in Waco for most of the time, that is what I buy most of my merchandise from. If you’re ever in the Waco area, you have to go to Spice Village, Rock Bottom Boutique, Roots 201, and Congress Clothing. I can go on and on about this topic, but I’ll stop myself here.


First of all, I know basically every Texas song, thanks to my mom. (Texas our Texas, Deep in the heart of Texas, Beautiful Texas, etc.)I even know an Arkansas song thanks to her. (My dad is from Little Rock.) Not many states have a music genre they can call their own, Texas is one of the fortunate. Texas Country. An example of some artists are Pat Green, Cory Morrow, Wade Bowen, Ryan James, Casey Donahew, Kyle Park, The Eli Young Band, and my current favorite, The Josh Abbott Band. For those who think that country music just isn’t for them, give this band a listen. They have melodious harmonies and are easy on the ears. This is one of theirs that is my favorite. And this one. Oh, and this one. Aaand this one. Not only do we have our own music style, but do you know how many songs are written about Texas? Here are a few of the myriad that are out there.

All my exes live in Texas – George Straight.

Does Fort Worth ever cross your mind – George Straight.

If it wasn’t for Texas -George Straight.

Amarillo by morning -George Straight.

100% Texan – Kevin Fowler.

God Blessed Texas– Little Texas.

The Bluest Eyes in Texas -Restless Heart.

If you’re gonna play in Texas – Alabama.

Texas Tornado – Tracey Lawrence.

I like Texas -Pat Green.

Songs about Texas – Pat Green.

How far to Waco – Ronnie Dunn

She’s like Texas – The Josh Abbott Band

My Texas – The Josh Abbott Band featuring Pat Green


Bluebonnets. Not only the Texas state flower, but it is responsible for beautifying the highways in the Spring.

O.P.I. Texas got their own line of nail polish, thanks to O.P.I.  Texas and O.P.I…basically two of my favorite things. Please notice that it was a ginger who advertised for the Texas line:)

The Shape. Maybe it’s because I’m a fashion major and I notice the shape of things, but I think that Texas is the cutest shaped state.  I also love clothing that incorporates the shapes of states. One place that does that exceptionally well, is a store called Riffraff, located in Fayettville, Arkansas. My cousin Amanda told me about them, and I’m so glad she did! On a side note…people in different countries can always identify the shape of Texas, and they know where Dallas is (unfortunately, because that’s where JFK was shot, but nevertheless… ). Ask a foreigner what the shape of Delaware is and you’ll probably get a blank look.

Sunrise, Sunset. Texas skies are beautiful. That’s all there really is to it.

The Landscape. Although my dad claims that Arkansas has better trees (which I agree), it doesn’t have all of the elements. Texas has flatlands, the ocean, mountains, lakes, hills, ponds, pastures, and open skies. You can go from deep in the city, to the open range in a very short time period. Texas is also home to the highest ranked cities in the United States. Austin, Texas.  I mean, I guess Dallas has to be pretty cool too…It does have a T.V. show…

Dr. Pepper. Not only is this drink close to my heart because I grew up with it (my mom drinks them like water), but the city it was created in is also. Created in 1885, in Waco, Texas (Home of the Baylor Bears!,) Dr. Pepper has been a leading coke in the soft drink industry ever since. Notice that I said coke. Here in Texas soft drinks are called “cokes.” Not pop. Not Soda. Cokes. Other drinks native to Texas are Shiner, Lone Star, and the infamous PuRpLe DrAnk. Yes, I said it. You’re welcome for the laughs.

Lingo. There’s a certain drawl that a Texan has…well any true southerner has it, and I like it. One of my favorite words is “y’all. I’m not one to go around correcting grammar, but it irks me when people misspell it. It is “y’all” not “ya’ll.” Just think about the actual contraction and you’ll never misspell it again.

Sweet Tea. Again, self-explanatory. I also enjoy drinking out of mason jars, which I feel are a Southern thing. Sweet tea and mason jars are both Southern classics.

I do love Texas, but I enjoy living in the South, in general.  If you weren’t fortunate enough to be born on this half of the Mason-Dixon line, then don’t worry; we’ll share! And that’s Southern hospitality for y’all.


5 thoughts on “Why I love Texas.

  1. Music – It is better here hands down. Not to mention the fact that the best places for music education are here too. Duncanville High School, L.D. Bell High School, Argyle, Canton, and we’re home to one of the best colleges of music in the nation. UNT’s school of music is ranked 2nd in the country only behind Berkeley. Sorry, that’s just my inner band nerd talking 😛

    Dr. Pepper – Drinking one now!

    Lingo – I love how my old phone obnoxiously auto-corrected any attempt to spell y’all to “ya’ll” but my iPhone auto-corrects it, well, correctly. Someone at Apple must be from our side of the line lol.

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