Fall Fashion.

In the fashion world, there is a constant buzz of trends, and more importantly, what is going to be in this fall . Though some magazines or cites have different spins on the new styles, they all end up under the umbrella of  the same fads. Here’s what Marie Claire says will be popular this fall. Though I do like some of the things that are gaining popularity, I like to stick to the basics…the classics. Somewhere along the lines of these. Most of my recent fall purchases can be lumped under the category of black clothing, BUT I have added some color to it.

I know you’re not surprised my purchase of this black dress, but it was too classic and cute to pass up.

Hey, you have to give me some color credit here. White is a color and it’s not just black:)
But on that note, I won’t bore you with the rest of my somewhat monotonously black purchases and skip right to the color.

Pink and perfect for a pencil skirt or dressy jeans. Need I say more?

Another new color into my closet. I love the box pleats decorating the neckline.

Probably my most “summery” look. I finally succumbed to buying a summer scarf after my sweet friend, Laura, told me I didn’t look dumb in them, as I had previously thought.

The most “fall” item of them all. This chartreuse sweater simply could not help but to be put in my wardrobe.

Last, but not least. This purchase wins the “most outrageous buy of the summer” award (basically it should win a Dundee.) Who buys a winter coat in the peak of a Texas summer? I do.

When I think of fall, I think of a southern fall. I think of football games. I think of clothing that is not only worn around campus, but that is worn to football games. Perhaps that is why I love making gameday and spiritwear dresses. This past weekend I saw a couple new gameday items and could not get over how cute they were.

First of all…this off the shoulder shirt with a vintage-looking picture of Floyd Casey Stadium on the back. My roommate, Hannah bought it and I’m so glad she did, because it looks adorable on her!

Second of all, these “almost seersucker” Baylor shorts. If I didn’t like wearing dresses so much, then I probably would have purchased them. In fact, I might just have to make some that are similar…

Spiritwear isn’t just for girls, guys have it too. I think these boots will be popular among quite a few spirited lads, though I haven’t exactly decided how I feel about them yet. But then again, I’m a purist in many ways, and like my cowboy boots in classic styles.

Baylor Cowboy Boots

Basically, I’m excited for the Fall and what this semester brings. I couldn’t leave you without tidbits of information that I find interesting, so here’s your daily dose of what one of my teachers calls “cocktail conversation.”

Waco is so dangerous, people are writing crime novels with it as their setting!

If you like crackle nail polish, you’ll probably like this.

My manager at work told me about this blog and I really like it.

I’m excited for this movie.  It is has Leo in it, so duh.

I prefer the second definition of a Ginger.

I’m not surprised by this at all.

I’m not much of a lipstick person, but Kate Spade might turn me into one.

This makes me sad. I liked her music.

I enjoy using the shape of a state on clothing, which is why I will probably do something similar to this in the near future. I’ve always liked the shape of Texas, but most recently, when I was in Eureka Springs, AR, I found one with an Arkansas shape on it, and was tempted to buy it, but I’m not a native. Does my Dad being from Arkansas count?

I would enjoy being one of Alexander McQueen’s pets, after reading this.

Instead of reading my assigned reading, I was transfixed by the beauty of the Kate Spade Home Edition.

Speaking of my reading assignments, the following quote is what I’ll leave you with.  It is from Ernest Hemingway’s The Snows of Kilimanjaro.  It sounds like a saying that you’d find on a Kate Spade tag. My enjoyment of Hemingway’s work, coupled with my love of Kate Spade products is probably why I like this quotation so much.

“She had liked it. She said she loved it. She loved anything that was exciting, that involved a change of scene, where there were new people and where things were pleasant.”


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