Reigning Style Royalty.

Everyone has style, but whether it is good or bad, is the question. Here are a few people, who in my opinion, are rocking the fashion show of life.

1) Pippa Middleton. Her sister may be royalty, but she is the budding, new, fashion princess. In my opinion, she almost showed Kate up at the wedding, with her stunning dress. Didn’t see it? Here’s a recap. In this picture, she looks effortlessly chic. she is wearing her classic ray-bans, a yellow purse (I’m dying for a yellow purse!,) and she is wearing a summery version of black- I love wearing black all season and I don’t care if I’m asked what funeral I’m going to- Paul Poiret asked Coco Chanel that in the beginning of her era and look where it got her!

DRESSED FOR SUCCESS photo | Pippa Middleton

2) Bryce Dallas Howard. Not only is she the daughter of Ron Howard, and movie star, but she is quite the fashionista. Look at her in the picture when she was on Jay Lenno…she is perfectly poised, with her bright blue jeans (colored denim is very in right now.), her nails are painted just the right color to coordinate with her rockin’ ring, and my favorite part…her hair, and I’m not just saying it because she and her father are gingers. She has it teased with tousled curls…my favorite kind of Texas hair. In addition to her natural style, she has good taste, because she is the new spokesperson for Kate Spade…which is one of my very favorite designer labels.

3)Blake Lively. Yes, yes, I love watching Gossip Girl, but I liked Blake way before her Gossip Girl days. I love her outfit in this candid shot. High-waisted shorts get an A+ in my fashion book. Well, I like almost anything high-waisted… Her chunky watch is very fashion forward and it complements the simplicity of her navy and white…one of my favorite color combinations. I also love big, leather bags, so this outfit is definitely a winner.

blake lively style gossip girl. Blake Lively Gossip Girl Style

Three is enough for today. Not everyone can be stylish, you know. Are you? Take Marie Claire’s fashion savvy quiz and find out!

On the note of fashion, Texas is a pretty fashionable place. It has to be if it is the only stop in the United States for John Paul Gaultier’s museum exhibit. And guess where it is going to be?! At the Dallas Museum of Art! I’m so excited for this!

Following right along on path of fashion, Kate Spade just  became even more of a favorite to me. Starting in January 2011, Kate Spade NY presented a “color of the month” and all of their new arrivals are shades or tints of that color. In March, they redid their website, allowing a “shop” or  “play” option. So cute. Anyway, they are known for their bright, fun, colors, so I was completely surprised when their color, or should I say colors of the month, were black and white! Their new arrivals are adorable, and because I love to wear black in spring and summertime, I am so glad those are the colors they chose. See all of their new arrivals, here.

I’ll end this post with one of my favorite Kate Spade sayings…

“Live Colorfully.”


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