Where you invest your love, you invest your life.

Why yes, I did title my post after lyrics in this Mumford and Sons song. I wish I could have seen them this past semester in Austin, but alas, I am but a poor college student (not that I would have been able to see them even if I did have the $300…I had a test the next day.) I’ll just have to wait until the next time they come.

One thing I don’t have a problem spending money on are what I call investment pieces. My mom makes fun of me for it…

I am extremely picky when it comes to the clothes I buy. I examine them, I check for seam grin, I see how well the zipper works, how well the buttons are attached etc. If the price doesn’t match the quality I’m getting, then 9.9 times out of 10 I will not indulge in the buy. “Investment pieces” aren’t an excuse to splurge, it’s buying something that lasts longer than the cheap buy, which means that you’ll get more for your money and will be able to wear it for a long time.

True investments will do more than last you; they are classic items that can be worn for years to come. Here are some examples of fashion investments.

1)The Perfect Black Dress. I own this BCBG dress. (just another picture to prove my love for classic, black clothing.) It is similar to this BCBG dress. I didn’t mind splurging on it, because it is so easily wearable and I can get a lot of use out of it. (Oh and Tiffany is a great investment too…) Also, this is the perfect black white Lilly Pulitzer dress that would be a great classic to have on hand!

2)The Perfect Black Heels. Yes, I know another black item, but you can always find something to go with them. I own 2 great pairs (these and these), but I’m eyeing these pretty little gems. Yes, Christian Louboutain heels, surprising, I know. They are  a classy and well made shoe that will go with everything.

3)The perfect handbag. I like to coordinate my bag and outfit in some way, and black and brown handbags tend to always get the job done, but I do like to pop a color every now and then. My two current favorites that I have in my possession are my black Kate Spade and my brown Jessica Simpson(similar to the one below, but cuter, and in brown); I get complements on both, when I use them. Right now, I am eyeing this yellow, Kate Spade, Bixby bag; it would be the perfect pop of sunshine into my purse collection.

Jessica Simpson  HANDBAGS Satchels Runway Flamenco Satchel

Besides cheap items not having a very long life cycle in your closet, I also have an ethical problem with most “fast fashion” retailers. *cough*Forever 21*cough*

If you aren’t aware of how much work and time goes into a designer’s collection, let me inform you…A LOT. Forever 21, (as well a ZARA) go to fashion shows…and make “inspired” clothing from them or should I say cheaper reproductions). Instead of making their own color stories, their own sketches, and their own story boards, they “borrow ideas” from others and get their clothing out before the designers even have a chance to get their’s originals out; hence the name, “fast fashion.” Now not all of their clothing is copied, but it is enough to make me boycott them. I understand true inspiration but blatantly copying is downright wrong. Unfortunately, there is nothing really protecting clothing like music artists have. Don’t believe how close they copy or think it’s not a big deal? Check out these…

Anna Sui’s design on the left, Forever 21’s on the right. (2008)

Anna Sui's Rose Dress on the Runway (L) and Forever 21's copy of Sui- A Rose print shirt (R).

DVF on the left, Forever 21 on the right

DVF on the left, Forever 21 on the right

Forever 21 on the left, Marc Jacobs on the right

Those are just a few of the examples…and the thing is that it is hard to sue for this type of thing, or anything for that matter in the fashion industry.

It’s not just he cheapness, and copies that cause me to feel repulsed by the store…it is the utter chaos that seems to live in the store constantly. So. many. clothes. The day I left New York, I went in the new Forever 21 in Times Square just to say I had been there, because it is huge. That night, the ceiling started to fall in the lower levels…it could have fallen on me! Why do you think it started caving in? BECAUSE SO MANY PEOPLE GO THERE AND BUY CHEAP CLOTHES. To be honest, they haven’t really said why, nothing in detail was posted online. Now don’t get me wrong, I have friends who shop there, and I love them just the same; however, they have heard my speech about how I don’t approve. I’ll even go in there with friends, I mean it is one of the only appealing stores at Richland Mall, in Waco…

My last problem with Forever 21 is that they have John 3:16 plastered on the bottom of everyone of their bright, yellow bags, yet they copy clothing! As a Christian, I don’t really agree with what their doing and I think it is wrong…so why in the world do they have the Bible verse on the bottom of their bag?! I know people make mistakes and that no one is perfect, but this one is easily fixable; stop producing clothes that are so-so similar to others’ work.

To end on a happier note and prove a point…I’m not the only one who thinks that investment pieces are well worth it.  Marie Claire puts out pieces that they believe will last you a long time and encourage good, healthy fashion. Just remember, there is nothing wrong with buying a $5  t-shirt, but the $80 polo shirt will last you longer than the $3 Walmart brand one.


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