Swimming in Sunshine (The sunburned life of a Ginger.)

I have had a love for water for as long as I can remember. I always wanted to be a mermaid. We went to Galveston every summer for the at least the first half of my life. Of course, that was before I went to beautiful beaches like the Bahamas, and Phi Phi Island, but in my naïve little mind it was wonderful at the time. Plus, it’s the memories that matter, not the location.

I love going to the beach, or any body of water for that matter. There’s just something about the warm sun  and billowing sea that make me feel happy.

Now as a ginger, pail skin comes with the package, which leads to a terrible tendency to get sunburned. I’ve had my share of days wearing t-shirts in the pool because I had already been burned too badly to be without it. It didn’t matter that I wore sunscreen; the sun always found a way to get my porcelain skin. Of course there are sunscreens that are SPF 100, but I really don’t think it makes a difference once you get past 45. I wear SPF 30 on my body and SPF 50 on my face.

Hawaiian TOPIC HAW Trop S/T/SS LT 8oz SPF30

I was really happy when I found this, because I love the coconut smell, but more often than not, the coconut scent only comes in the lower SPF ranges or tanning oil. It also comes in a glitter version that I have, which is even better! The face sunscreen is one of my favorites because it goes on so well and you don’t get any on your hands! Another plus, is that it doesn’t look greasy on your face.


This is a Coppertone ad which dates back to the 1940’s, which was when “suntanning” became popular and there were lotions to darken your tan readily available.  As a redhead, I don’t tan; freckle. I do have a tan line though…you just wouldn’t be able to tell by glancing at me. Figures. Also, no matter what I do, I always end up getting an awkward sunburn. Last week, I had a burn around my belly button, this week I have a random one around my neck…the list goes on and on.

Though I’ve had blisters and burns out the wazoo, I wouldn’t ever change being a redhead.

Queen Elizabeth was a redhead and was one of the most important English queens (also one of my favorites.) I once wrote a monologue about her for theater…and dressed up as her.

There’s also a Scottish proverb that says if you walk between 2 redhead girls then you will become rich…have fun with that.

One of my favorite things about being a redhead, there are special things for us, and no, I’m not talking about South Park, or signs like this (which I found on my local coffee shop in Waco…).

I mean stuff like this Redhead Handbook. There isn’t a blonde handbook, or a brunette handbook…not there is anything wrong with those hair colors; My best friends have blonde and brown hair! It’s just something unique.

This book is so good! It tells you things from famous gingers to identifying myths, such as all redheads are hot tempered. (I for one am not hot tempered, but I have been known to be a little sassy…)

If you ever wanted to know songs about redheads, here is a whole page devoted to them…make sure your volume is up so you can hear the song playing on the site; it’s a funny one. One song they don’t mention is Redheaded Woman, and no, I’m not talking about the Bruce Springsteen song…but Wade Bowen’s song.

When will the ginger jokes end? I don’t know, but even Ariel, the Disney princess, is a redhead, and everyone’s favorite:)


One thought on “Swimming in Sunshine (The sunburned life of a Ginger.)

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