Rules were made to be broken.

My time in New York is all a blur now. Not because I was there for a short amount of time, but because we packed so much into our days. While Montreal and New York both have fashion districts, they are extremely different. Montreal is laid back and New York City is quite the opposite. Nine other Baylor students and I had the pleasure of meeting with a representative from the Tobe Report, a fashion retail consultant, Mr. Bunn, of Hats by Bunn, a rep from FIT who showed us the 100 years of fashion collection, Kim Newport Mimran of Pink Tartan, a Lord and Taylor rep, and reps, as well as alum of Baylor, at the New York Shoshanna show room.

My favorite visit in New York was at the Met…The Alexander McQueen exhibit is what peaked my interest. It was the most amazing exhibit I have ever seen.

Unfortunately, this is the only picture I got before we were informed that no pictures were allowed. It took everything I had not to take pictures, because the exhibit was so well executed, that I wanted to capture it all. The fact that we got to enter the museum an hour before it opened to the public soon made up for the fact that we couldn’t take pictures. The exhibit was soon flocking with interested museum-goers…The collection had received so much interest and praise, that the Met opened it’s doors on Monday (a day it is usually closed,) and sold $5o tickets to those who wished to see it, and gave them a designated time. Our tour guide was almost as exceptional as the clothing themselves. She was the former fashion editor for the New York Times and knew everything you ever wanted to know about fashion, and the exhibit.

If  there is one thing that Alexander McQueen is known for, it would have to be that he didn’t stick to the norm and certainly didn’t follow rules that society gave him. ..If you don’t believe me watch any of his shows. He truly made fashion into art.  According to the rep we spoke with at Tobe Report, the upcoming Spring trends are all about breaking fashion rules. Here are a few things that she said:

-no white after labor day is no longer used. This may be the case, but  a lot of people who aren’t southern don’t even know about the “no white until Easter and none after Labor day” rule. I however, still follow it…

-mixing patterns. Stripes with florals, Gingham with ikat prints. I feel like I can’t really pull this off, but I have seen a few who can, you just have to be careful what colors with what prints that you’re pairing.

-boots now worn in the summer. As a Texan, I love boots, so I never followed this “rule” anyway. I love my cowboy boots. I love my riding boots. And I love my Uggs. Most don’t know that Uggs were made to wear in the summer as well as the winter; they are constructed in a way that keeps your feet at their normal temperature. Even though they made them for year-round wear, they are the only boots I do not wear in the summer.

A few other things that are “in” currently, are floral prints, ikat prints, fedoras, feathers, maxi length skirts and dresses, all white clothing, 70’s inspired clothing, bright colors worn in “blocked” ways, the wide leg pant, boho chic, neude and minimalistic clothing, as well as Coral, the it color for 2011…which you would have known if you read this.

I had been to New York before this trip, but I had forgotten what I did to make it through all of the walking. When I originally went, I had just messed up my knee during a drill team performance, so I didn’t walk as well. This trip walking was fine, you just have to remember a few things when traveling in New York, versus Texas.

1)Wear comfortable shoes. We went to appointments, so heels were popular for those, but while we were walking to our destination, your feet would die if you wore heels. My Michael Kors flats were my favorite shoes to walk in, with my sperries and loafers in a close second.

2)Carry Cash. Not only is cash good for street vendors of food and fashion, but it is also good at a sit down dinner. New Yorkers do not split checks, and when you ask, they say that they cannot do it.  Cash just works better, and is quicker.

3)Hand sanitizer is your best friend. I like New York, really I do, but I feel dirty when I’m there. I don’t know if it is the subway or the immense amount of people, but either way, I’m constantly using hand sanitizer.

Despite a few things, New York is great! I just don’t know if I could see myself living there for a long period of time…somehow it just doesn’t compare to Texas. 


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