O Canada.

Clearly it has been a while since I posted.  Montreal and New York City really wore me (and my friends) out. Don’t be mad, Lauren, you’re beautiful.

Having never been to Canada, I was surprised at the “laid back-ness” of the culture. Their unofficial motto is “party when you can,” or something like that…this explains their almost lackadaisical nature, or at least that’s what our Canadian guide, Peggy, told us. It is also said that if you put New York City and Paris in a blender, you would have Montreal; the city is very French. That was great and all since I’ve been in Spanish since elementary school…”hola” doesn’t get you much there…

Canada was beautiful, and one of my favorite things about it is that it had tulips everywhere, and tulips just happen to be one of my favorite flowers.

I can’t lie, the food was good too. The Montreal bagels were very good. I almost like them better than American bagels, but now that we’re getting an Einstein Brothers Bagels put in at Baylor, I don’t know about that…

And of course, what I went there for…fashion. We visited Bod & Christensen, an amazing leather-wear company. We got to meet with the owner/designer, and Sabrina Roy, their handbag designer. Megan got a beautiful jacket.

We also got to visit Cokluch a recycled leather company, Cluc of Cluc Couture, Telio Fabrics, Philippe Dubuc, and my favorite visit, Holt Renfrew, which is basically the Neiman Marcus of Canada.

My favorite meal was probably from Thursday’s. It was delicious, plus we were absolutely famished from all of  the walking we had done.

My favorite purchase had to be my fox fur earmuffs from Hercules Furs. They are so soft and warm, that I can’t wait for winter! (and I’m a summer girl!)  My roommate Megan, is quite a fan of them; she has been known to run into my room and grab them to randomly wear. But hey, the fluffyness isn’t just for girls; boys seem to like them to. My friend Zach almost had an attack when Megan showed them to him, and in this picture, Mason doesn’t know what to do, they’re so comfortable!

My favorite Canadian treat would have to be the Beaver Tail. It was fried cinnamon dough and you could put whatever you wanted on it. I got extra cinnamon, a lot of chocolate, and m&m’s. It was a chocolate lover’s delight.

I really enjoyed Canada, and wouldn’t mind going back! But, perhaps before I visit Montreal again, I should get a Rosetta Stone in French…


One thought on “O Canada.

  1. Okay first off….I’m not mad 🙂 haha such a cute post!
    Alsoooo I’m so glad I’ve finally taken a look at your blog! It’s so cute and so you. Yay blogging, you should check out mine when you get a chance!
    Mish you, see you soon. xo

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