Appliance Appreciation.

I recently made dinner at my friend Sarah’s house. No, this isn’t diet coke Sarah, this is another one. We’ll call her eccentric Sarah;  she likes to have pink hair and listen to Little Wayne, and I love her for it.

We were preparing soup, so she told me to chop the onions. THEN she gave me THIS to chop them with. I think I went into shock for a bit. It made my life easier AND it was pink. (Yes I would like a pink Kitchen Aide Mixer…and one of these)

  My friend Hannah was also there, and she said it was a good stress reliever and is very easy to use. See? I’m not lying. Here is Sarah demonstrating it.

Hannah used it to chop up celery.

Here was our finished product, and yes, that is steam coming off of the soup. It was delicious and filling. I’m not sure what it is called, so I’ll just call it “Super Easy Chicken Soup.”

  -2 boiled chicken breasts

-1/2 of a yellow onion

-3 minced stalks of celery

-1 big can of diced tomatoes

-1 can of rotel tomatoes

-1 can of pinto beans

-1 can of kidney beans

-1 big can of chicken broth

Oh, and what’s summer without watermelon? This one was perfectly ripe and juicy. We ate it just the way nature left it, but some people (like my dad) eat it with salt; they say it sweetens it.

  The only altering I do to my fruit is the occasional drizzle of chocolate or mix of ice cream, and I’m sticking to it. No curiousness there!


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