Sweet Things.

I’m currently off of caffeine right now. I decided that I have better ways to consume sugar than by a can of Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke. Like consuming this bag of candy in one sitting. Oops.

6 days off of it, and counting. Woah. Let me clarify. I still eat this.

and drink this.

I’m currently crazy about these. Yes, I cannot lie, the commercial attracted me to them . BUT I liked Cranberry juice anyway, and I especially like the fizzy-ness of it. They. Are. Good. Even my diet-coke drinking friend, Sarah agrees, and she drinks DC like it’s water. For her to drink something else, like this, is legendary. Try. Them.  They also come in blueberry pomegranate, with diet options for both.

One of my favorite new beverages is this little gem from Mcdonalds. Frozen Strawberry Lemonade. It was tasty, though it melted fast, and I accidently spilled it on my steering wheel…anyhow, it is perfect on a hot, Texas summer day.

But then again, I like lemonade a lot, so of course I thought it was tasty. I Especially enjoy flavored lemonade. Here are a couple places, that in my opinion, pour a darn good glass of lemonade.

Chili’s– Surpising, I know, but their strawberry lemonade is actually rather tasty.

Schlotzsky’s-The Waco location has good lemonade and raspberry lemonade, but the Dallas locations I have been to do not. It is sad indeed, because they are rather delicious.

On the Border– Or as I like to call it, OTB…Who would have thought that this tex-mex chain would have a good strawberry lemonade? The strawberry chunks are delightful.

La Madeline– Besides having fantastic brunch, La Madeline has wonderful raspberry lemonade. It will make you pucker a little bit, especially if you get it with no ice, like me.

Cheesecake Factory– Not only is Cheesecake Factory in my top 5 favorite restaurants, but they also have THE BEST lemonade ever. They charge a pretty penny for them, but the refills are free and you are inclined to ask for a to-go cup. I typically get the original lemonade, but they are also available in raspberry or strawberry and the baristas dip the top of the glass in sugar. Pure heaven.

In my opinion, lemonade is the official drink of summer; it goes perfectly with the taste of sunshine and friends.


One thought on “Sweet Things.

  1. Well written and illustrated. Agree with lemonade as the official summer drink, but second to water (out of the tap). Especially like the sharing at the end. Go share a lemonade with your new roomies, on me.

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