Let’s get physical.

I leave for my trip to Canada and New York in a week! I’m excited for everything (but my 6:45 am flight…)! Whenever we fly, my sister and I have a tradition of eating Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream Chocolate Bar.

This inspired me to make a cookies and cream bark. I know you’re really surprised. But hey, I’m not making it for myself, so that counts for something!

I’m really happy with the way it turned out!

My sister works at a Chiropractic office, and they are having a Spa Day and Garage/Bake sale and all proceeds go to benefit a mission trip to Ethiopia! So, naturally I had to bake something…well, melt and freeze rather than bake! I go to Whole Health Chiropractic (where my sister works), and as a person with scoliosis, I can testify that Dr. Jones of Whole Health, is the best and really helps! The date for this event is this Saturday, May 21st ; the spa portion is  from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm, but the Bake/Garage sale starts at 7:30 am! It is located at 3930 Naaman School Road, in Garland. They are also having an Applebee’s pancake breakfast on June 4th, and the proceeds from that will go to the mission trip as well.

While we’re on a healthy note…I figured I’d list some ways to work off that bark…On Tuesday evening, I made a batch of blueberry muffins (they were gone less than 24 hours later). I had just removed a set from my mini cupcake maker, and I asked my mom if she would care for one. She declined and said “I have to watch what I eat. If I snacked/ate like you, I’d be fat!” I couldn’t help but laugh. Maybe it’s due to exercising, or maybe it’s my genes. My dad is noted for saying “Some people have brains, some beauty, some great talent, but I got a high metabolism, and I’m going to use it!” And every night, when he has his bowl of chocolate ice cream, with chocolate syrup, he does. Either way, I enjoy exercising, so here are  few easy ways to remain fit.

1)Running. I do this when I can. I like running outdoors because that way I can enjoy nature, as well.   I don’t run with an iPod, though I do still have my iPod mini. Retro, I know… To quote the movie Bride Wars, starring Kate Hudson, and Anne Hathaway, “We can’t run with iPods  because iPods are for people who can’t be alone with their own thoughts.” Not to discredit you if you do run with an iPod, that’s just how I do it. I can run with other people, though I don’t like to talk when I run; I’m in focus mode.

2)8 minute abs. My friend Kim, has forced me to do these with her. One night, we were studying in a group and she whips out her laptop around midnight and says “Time for 8 minute abs!” I liked it, and it only lasted 8 minutes,what could be better? The 8 minute buns is pretty good too…

3)Lunges. I enjoy running the Bear Trail in Waco, and occasionally, with my friend Michelle. At a certain point on the trail (by the BSB, for all you Wacoans) we stop and do lunges. You know something works when you can feel it the next day. And trust me…if you’re doing them right, you can feel it for multiple days.

4)Yoga. I’ve always been flexible, so when I don’t stretch, my body gets antsy. Yoga is one of my favorite ways to stretch and exercise at the same time. My friend Molly and I are itching to try hot yoga, so if you know of any places in the DFW area that offers it, let me know!

5)The Elliptical. My favorite workout machine. I love how it works my arms and legs, and that I can feel it in my abs. Even just 10 minutes on it, and I feel good, though my regular time limit is 30 minutes. If I go longer than that, I a)have lots of time on my hands or b)just have the urge to go longer.

6)This is a joke of an exercise, but if you need a laugh, it’s a good one…!!

Sure, there are more things that way more interesting than the ones I listed such as rock climbing, and kayaking. But these are basic. Anyone can do them.

And remember, as Elle Woods said…”Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make people happy, and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands…they just don’t! “



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