Fish are food, not friends

My dad went on a fishing trip with my grandfather, cousin, and uncles last week to the White River  in Arkansas. When he came back this is what I was greeted with… They caught around 40 fish, and this is a section of our portion. Cute, right?

Oh and this is proof he went. Our back porch is covered with his stuff that is airing out from the trip.

No worries. I happen to adore fish. (When they are fried and accompanied by hushpuppies, that is). I have a theory that anything that is fried tastes good. Well…except for the time my friend Molly and I decided to order Cap’n Crunch fried chicken fingers at Planet Hollywood, and I don’t really care for cereal, let alone Cap’n Crunch…but that’s another story, and that restaurant is now out of business…

I remember that my Poppa would take us fishing in his boat quite often. It always got my heart racing when I would feel that tug on the line and began to reel it in.

At 5th grade camp, when I attended Kimerlin Academy, I got the “Best Fisherman” award. Legit, I know. I had my Barbie tacklebox in tow, of course.

Believe it or not, fishing has affected more than just the food industry; it plays a key part in the fashion industry. Several “made for fisherman” items are hits among the world, more specifically, college campuses. And no, I’m not talking about these, though Dad, I’m sure they came in real handy on your trip…

The Sperry Topsider

When your slogan is “a passion for the sea,” it is pretty well known that your product was made for action with water. Known as the original  “boat shoe,”  Sperry Top Sider  has continued the legacy it began in 1935. Paul Sperry, the founder and creator of Sperry Top Siders, modeled the wave-like grooves on the bottom of his shoe after his cocker spaniel’s paws and it is quite obviously a great success.

These classics have become an essential to students attending universities. My guess is that they are easy to put on, comfortable, and pretty much go with anything; they are a staple. Traditionally there are these which is one of the most popular styles. I own two pair and neither look like that, which is surprising, because I tend choose classic looks. I have a blue, green, pink, and white plaid original style pair, and an anglefish style pink pair. I really want these though…

I just showed women’s styles, but they are popular among guys too. They are rather…”fratastic,” if you will. Originating as a men’s shoe, I had to give them credit. Either way, if you step foot on most any campus, prepare yourself for a sea full of sperries.

The Columbia PFG

Beginning in 1938, Columbia outdoors products began as a hat company. Several years and products later, Columbia produced the PFG: Professional Fishing Gear, in 1996. One of the most popular items amongst young people today are the PFG shirts, both long and short sleeved. Though again, they started out as menswear, today they are available in MensWomensKids.

Yes, guys, more specifically,  fratstars, wear them, but they are almost more popular among girls. I own a plain navy blue one, but one of the coveted items of a sorority girl is an embroidered one with their sorority and/or chapter on it. These are available here. There are also PFGs in styles that support university spirit. Not only are PFG shirts popular to wear on campus, but as swimsuit cover-ups, or at the lake. Their flowy fit, easy-breathe fabric, mesh vents, and a bazillion pockets are all attributes what makes them appealing.

Not really geared at just “just for fishing” items, these two things have made their mark on both the fishing and apparel industry. They’re both classics, which means that they’re not going anywhere for a while.

To tie it all together, here is a song that my mom showed me. It fits the theme and my life, so enjoy it! In the words of Audrey Hepburn,

“Pick the day. Enjoy it – to the hilt. The day as it comes. People as they come… The past, I think, has helped me appreciate the present – and I don’t want to spoil any of it by fretting about the future.”


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