Why I could never be a vegetarian.

I’m not the type of girl who orders a salad to be “healthy” or to follow a stereotype of women being ravenous greens eaters. In fact, I probably don’t eat enough salad.  Occasionally I do have the craving for a salad as a meal, but normally it has some variation of chicken on it.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not a picky eater!  I just consume what I want, when I want. Typically I’m up for any type of food; I’m not that person who doesn’t like any of your restaurant suggesstions, yet cannot come up with any places I actually want to go. I just know what I like. One of those things that I often have cravings for are burgers.

I may pretend like I’m strictly I carnivore, (I’ve been known to go to Whataburger and just order multiple sausage patties) but I do eat my vegetables, I love beans, and I’m obsessed with fresh fruit. There. That was my healthy insert. I figure if Cookie Monster had to become more of a “Veggie Monster” and promote healthy foods then I should at least have  a snippet about it. Didn’t hear about it? Here’s the dl on why Sesame Street switched up their blue furry friend’s diet. While they didn’t actually replace his character, I think it’s a bit absurd, because if you let your kid eat cookies, then that is your fault, not the creators of Cookie Monster. It’s a TV show…not a model to the way you should live your life. And yes…those are Cookie Monster cupcakes. Quite ingenious, I must say. 

Anyway, back to the meat. As you may or may not have known, the first Texas based In-N-Out burger restaurants opened this past week. In-N-Out Burger is classified as a fast food burger joint. It originated in California in 1948 and is located throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, and now Texas. I first had In-N-Out Burger in 2008 in Nevada on a mission trip and I thought it was delicious. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I heard rumors of a Texas location last summer.

Wednesday, May 11th, two Texas In-N-Out Burgers were opened, one in Frisco, and one in Allen. Wednesday night I made my way out to Allen, with my sister and a couple friends, only to wait in line an hour and a half in the cold rain, for a bite to eat. The burger was just as I had remembered it: tasty.

In honor of the opening, I decided to list my favorite burger places in the metroplex. (my dad’s not included, though his burgers are pretty delicious.)

First off, In-N-Out Burger: They make a mean burger and have a “secret” menu that is not so secret, with items such as “animal style” fries. I’m a fan of their burger, but not really of their fries. While I eat of few of them, they are a little bland for me and almost taste like a hot form of shoe-string potatoes chips. That isn’t a bad thing, but when I eat fries, I want them to taste like fries.

Five Guys Burger and Fries: To my knowledge, there are three Dallas area locations: Plano, Frisco, and of course, Dallas. They always have a good burger, and not only do they have good fries, but their Cajun fries are delicious! If you’re starving then order the burger, if you’re not, make sure to order the “Little Mouth Burger,”  as their regular burger comes with double patties and double cheese. They also have grilled cheeses and hot dogs, but I tend to stick to the Little Mouth Cheeseburger:) We have one in Waco, and their call ahead number is in my phone. I use it quite frequently.

Mooyah Burger: I’ve only been to the Allen location, but there are two in Dallas, one in Frisco, one in Wylie, and one in Plano. They have a unique ordering system; you fill out a sheet of paper for your order. When I leave there, I am full- a juicy cheeseburger, fries, and a strawberry shake makes a belly happy. For those who don’t want the carbs found in the bun, they offer lettuce as a “bun option”…I believe it is called the “Iceburger.” Very punny. They also have turkey burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, and grilled cheese which makes room for everyone to enjoy something off of the menu.

Who’s Who Burger: Once, located in Highland Park Village, sadly, this burger restaurant is now closed. It had a mean burger and if you paid money, you could write on the wall. It kind of looked like a greasy spoon joint, but the burgers were worth it.

Keller’s Drive In: The personality of this place is what puts it on the map (besides its burgers.) There are two locations in Dallas…one off of East Northwest Highway and another off of Harry Hines. It has a 50’s feel and is a classic choice.

Chip’s Old Fashioned Hamburger: For 30 years, Chip’s has made quality burgers. Located on Lover’s Lane, this place may be old fashioned, but their burgers are fresh!

Snuffer’s: This is my second favorite place to go for burgers. It is my FIRST for cheese fries. They. are. delicious. When I can, I enjoy going to the original location in Greenville, but also have been to the Addison, Park Cities, Plano, Rockwall, Highland Village, and Southlake location. (Yes, I have been to all locations…don’t judge.) Their waiters are great and help each other out, not just wait their table. And again, even if you don’t like burgers, STILL GO. Their cheese fries are worth it!!

Twisted RootThis is my favorite burger place to go to in the DFW area as of now. The burgers are so juicy and filling. They also have interesting meat choices such as elk, buffalo and antelope. My only con of this place is that they used to have curly fries that were to die for, but now they’re just regular straight fries. The onion strings are a good compensation though. I go to the Richardson location, but Twisted Root is also in Deep Ellum, Roanoke, Fairview, near SMU, and the Shops at Legacy in Plano. Fun fact about this place…it was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri.

Of course, there are are other burger places in the ‘plex that I haven’t been to, but can I just say that my favorite two are both on the 50best Burger places in Texas list. Yes, it is from 2009, but I couldn’t find a more updated list. Perhaps I should try my taste buds at another foodstuffs and see how accurate I am with their “bests” list…!


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