The Bare Necessities

The world is often unpredictable, so it is always good to be prepared. Women often tote around handbags, so what better place to stock with possible necessities? In this technological age, a phone is a no brainer choice, along with keys, cash/cards (I still have checks, but I know they’re dying out,) and a form of id. These next 11 items are items beyond the obvious, though some are more  evident than others. These are things I try to have with me, and 9 times out of 10, I do.

11) Kleenex. You’ll never know when you need to blow your nose, tear up in a movie, or even need to wipe the up the spilled Dr. Pepper in your car.

10)Hand sanitizer. This is essential when for when you have been forced to shake hands with someone who tells you upon shaking, that they have a cold, or even after you pump gas. This week I was in a boutique in Fort Worth and saw these . Yes, those are gloves to pump your gas in…and a bit ridiculous I might add.

9)A spare tampon. You don’t know how many times I’ve been asked if I had one, luckily for them I did.

8 )Advil. Perfect for when you have a massive headache or have your hand shut in a door. Don’t laugh; both have happened to me. Just pop 4 of ‘em and you’ll be good soon. Yes, I said 4.

7)A Sharpie. You never know when you will need to write something with permanent ink…or get someone’s autograph.

6)Chocolate. Preferably dark. I love chocolate and get hungry often, so this is perfect for me to keep on hand…except you have to make sure it doesn’t melt in your purse. Not that that has happened to me before…

5)A Hair tie. I have long hair, well, mermaid hair, if you will. Though I love my long hair, it sometimes get in the way plus I live I Texas where it knows how to heat up a day, where ponytails come in handy.

4)A Band-Aid or two. Sometimes new shoes give you blisters. Sometimes you trip over yourself and skin your knee through your leggings. What can I say? I’m stuck on Band-Aids.

3)Oil absorbers. After I work, or even sometimes after class and I have somewhere to be, but no time to freshen up, these facial oil blotters work like a charm.

2)Tide to go pen. Whether you or your friend spill something on yourself, this is perfect. Though it sometimes doesn’t take out all of tough stains, it at least gets a chemical working on it so the stain is less likely to ruin your garment.

1)Swiss army knife. I have a pink one on my keys and I love it. From the scissors, to the knife, to the emery board (my favorite) it has proven most useful. I don’t really use the toothpick or tweezers…but if I needed them, they’re there!

With all of the technological advances, some of these things might become useless…maybe they’ll make a phone that squirts out hand sanitizer from a secret compartment…Who knows?


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