You be my honeysuckle.

Yes, I may have just titled my post after the song “Honey Bee” (no not the Tom Petty tune.) I’m referring to Blake Shelton’s newest single , which I find rather cute. Yes, it might be cliché, but I tend to be at times. Plus, it was either that or title it “Anthozoa,” which is the scientific name for hard coral… Explanation? Well, my Cinco de Mayo was spent reviewing/taking my final for world oceans (where the idea Anthozoa spurned from) and studying for my Spanish final (how ironic, with Cinco de Mayo and everything).

You may be thinking that my title is a bit random, but trust me, it isn’t. When I think of Cinco de Mayo, one of the first things that pops into my head is vibrant color. Because of that, I decided to devote this post to the color of the year, which I happen to be very fond of. No, this isn’t my opinion; this is the color decided on by Pantone LLC. If you don’t know who they are, you should, because they’re pretty much a big deal when it comes to colors that are deemed “in style.” Their color of the year is honeysuckle. (get the title now, eh?) It might be hard to determine what color “Honeysuckle” is due to the fact that the name doesn’t give much of an answer; it is really just a pretty name for a rosy-coral hue. The coral part being why I originally wanted to title this after the scientific name for coral…but anyway, I’ll get off my nerdbox.

If you’ve stepped into any store or even ventured online to shop, I’m 97.96% sure you’ve seen this color. Here are a couple ways to incorporate this pulchritudinous color into your life.

 Eat it. Not only are grapefruits “in” for their color this season, but they’re also good for you. I have one almost every day.

Wear it. Being a redhead, I feel I can’t wear too much honeysuckle or it will clash with my hair; however, I did make this skirt because I loved the color (and because I regretted not buying  a skirt similar to it at J. Crew.) I pieced it with a crisp, white blouse and it was like wearing spring.

Have fun with it. This is an easy way to incorporate honeysuckle in the winter. I love wearing colorful socks under my riding boots and let them peep out the top for a little splash of color.

Accessorize with it. These fresh earrings I purchased last Thanksgiving at a fun boutique called Francesca’s Collections. They have a little pop of honeysuckle which makes them spunky, yet not over the top.

Paint it. I love O.P.I. nail polish, but let’s save my enjoyment of that for another post. Most nail polish junkies know that Cajun Shrimp  is one of O.P.I.’s best sellers and it happens to be a honeysuckle tint. For those of you who want to switch it up a bit, here are some other colors that are honeysuckle tints. Featured from left to right are “My Chihuaha Bites,” “Party in my Cabana,” and “Guy Meets Gal-veston.”

For those of you who need to add some honeysuckle into your wardrobe, here are some of my favorite, hot, new items that incorporate this hue.

Kate spade Harrison Street Jenny Ann wristlet in salmon

Lilly Pulitzer Delia dress

J. Crew Polka Dot bikini in melon spice

For those of you who feel like this color is a bit much for you, here is a list of colors that are popular for this spring.

One last little tidbit since we’re discussing trends…I thought I should mention that I’m super excited to visit this Alexander McQueen exhibit when I’m in New York. And while we’re on the topic of Alexander McQueen, that leads me to thoughts of Kate Middleton’s dress,  because it was done by his design house. So if you like Kate and laughing, then go here. And while we’re on the subject of Kate, why does she spell Kate with a “K” if she spells Catherine with a C?  I’m curious to know…


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