Be Curious.

I have a miraculous way of finding other things that need to be done when it comes     to studying for finals. Friends, the beautiful sunshine, and the pool always seem to     be calling my name. When it gets down to it, yes, I do study, but not without doing     some necessary things beforehand. This blog is one of those “things.” I’ve been             saying that I wanted to start one for a while now, but obviously just recently put it     into action. Thank you Baylor dead days!

You may be wondering why this blog is called Epicuriously Living…If you read the     “About Epicuriously Living” tab, then you probably have a slight idea, but I’m               going to elaborate on what’s really behind it.

The definition of Epicurism or Epicureanism is to have a cultivation of refined taste in food, art, fashion, music…you catch my drift. Not only is it a cultivation of taste, but devotion to luxurious tastes or indulgence in pleasures that tantalize the senses. Epicurism was a philosophy by Epicurus in the ancient Greek world; he considered happiness, or the avoidance of pain and emotional disturbance, to be the highest good and that advocated the pursuit of pleasures that can be enjoyed in moderation. Without pain we would not know happiness, so I do not agree totally with his philosophy in avoidance. Pain cannot be bypassed, though it can be dealt with in positive ways. Though happiness is relative, I believe in being happy in the moment for how you deal with a situation has an effect on your peace of mind.

Since I don’t exactly concur with Epicurus’ thoughts, I took his meaning and gave it a little twist by adding the “curiously.” It was combined because people tend to be investigative about countless objects and issues in life. While most aren’t “Curious George’s,” Shakespeare knew what he was talking about when he coined the term “curiosity killed the cat.” Kittens get into trouble quite often due to their inquisitiveness, and it is pretty much the same in regard to humans. I’m here to help you avoid this “trouble” whether it be with a pair of shoes or a greasy restaurant.

Epicuriously Living was created to be informative and to feed your curiosity in trends and popular items surfacing in the world.

Stay curious, my friends!


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